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  • Killing Matt Cooper on July 11, 2013

    Not as disturbing as I thought it was going to be. The killer seemed childish, I wish I knew more about his past and what made him tick. He went around killing women who were unfaithful or mean to children, with "true love's kiss". If he thought they were people deserving of death why make them feel good before he kills them? Secondary characters seemed cliche to me. Kathleen, the FBI agent in charge of hunting the killer, of course was gorgeous, with big breasts, and super smart. The second serial killer, was a redneck with an accent. I also found Kathleen liking and sleeping with the killer unbelievable. For someone so smart, she gave away parts of the investigation to the killer. The old "I know I'm not supposed to tell you, but you're so easy to talk to" troupe. Then the ending wasn't a true ending, things were left unfinished.