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Wife, mother and perpetual explorer, Savanna enjoys the opportunity to creatively pursue numerous passions. As a freelance writer and blogger, she enjoys the freedom to research, experience and share with others, her unique and free-thinking methods for creating & enjoying enhanced personal development, improved relationships and unique, welcoming surroundings.

As a professional Certified Hypnotherapist, Savanna thrives on helping others branch out with more confidence, stronger self-esteem, enjoy deeper fulfillment from their life and their relationships and so much more.

Savanna writes on a number of topics but her strongest interest lies in sharing the steps and activities that help lead & encourage others to build the skills & use the gifts they already posses, to enjoy a more fulfilled, personal and professional life.

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Smashwords book reviews by Savanna Schroeder, C.Ht

  • Devotions for Hikers on Sep. 23, 2010

    Although the title of this book is directed at Hikers, it is definitely a book that everyone will enjoy. I loved the easy read style and the great way in which the author wrote the devotionals to also mesh well for almost anyone, anywhere. No matter who reads this e-book you are certain to find a passage or several that resonate with you and leave you feeling that you have just enjoyed a few moments with a dear friend. A definite must buy if you are the target demographic and even if you aren't. Loved it!
  • Toby & Harry on March 10, 2012

    I loved Toby & Harry! I've had 5 children and Joan fleshed out Toby so well I could actually visualize this little fellow and his experiences easily. As in true Joan Young fashion, I never saw the ending coming quite the way Joan twisted it. I read a lot of books and have few authors on my list of "exceptional". An exceptional author in my mind is one who has the ability to create a zig in their story when I was positive it was heading for a zag. I count Joan among this very elite group of authors whose books I love and whose writing I anxiously wait for more of. I've also read her non-fiction work which I also highly recommend, particularly for the Hiker, Devotion for Hikers ( Get off the Couch with Joan ( Her fiction work, News from Dead Mule Swamp ( is also a fabulous read and I'm anxious to see where the next book in that series takes me. If you haven't read a Joan Young book yet, all I can say is, you MUST!