Smashwords book reviews by SawneyDWebb

  • Opalescence: The Middle Miocene Play of Color on July 19, 2014

    OPALESCENCE tells a story of the future turned back into the distant past, leading humanity from terrible dystopian conclusion to a hopeful renewal in tune with Nature. The two heroes, Tom and Julie, adapt to a wonderful world that turns out to be California 15 million years ago. This world is rich with land and sea creatures, and many ecological settings beautifully drawn by a very knowledgeable author. Our two heroes survive many trials in this novel wilderness setting and also, in the denoument, overcome a powerful villain who, ironically, was sent as Julie's bodyguard. My favorite of our heroes' many adventures involves the domestication, each independently, of a dog-like Aelurodon, and a Hypohippus, three-toed horse. At the heart of this adventure are the lush life and dynamic geography of California in the middle Miocene. The many sketches of the heroes' encounters are both lovely and lively. I'd gladly get a ticket to travel to that same opalescent place.