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  • Undeniable on Nov. 23, 2012

    This book.. Ohhhhh, this friggin' book!! To say I LOVED this book would be a complete understatement. Sheehan doesn't spare feelings or anyone's sensitivity in this story. Its dirty, raw, sexy and oh so real. Eva is a badass biker brat who falls for the sexy, violent, asshat/caveman know as Deuce. Ya love to hate him. You want him and Eva together, yet you would love to kick him in the balls and tell him to screw off. Eva all to often pisses you off with her choice of men and the way she handles circumstances in her life, but at the same time ya gotta respect her. This story isn't your usual love story and I adore the way the writer doesn't play into fantasy and all the hearts and flowers that come with love stories. She keeps in real, gritty, dirty and oh, so sexy. This is truly a MUST read!