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Smashwords book reviews by May Anderson

  • The Curse Girl on May 17, 2012

    So, I received this book due to a 'Read to Review' in the Young Adult Reads group. You'd expect a book based on such a popular fairytale to just fall flat, right? Wrong. This was actually an amazing modern retelling of 'Beauty and the Beast'. Engaging, humorous in some places and very entertaining. The characters were all well developed and managed to make me feel connected to them in a way. I loved Bee's determination and attitude and Will's wit (and dashing good looks). Rose was sweet and Marian was very well fleshed out as the villain though I did feel slightly sorry for her in the beginning. I can't say I supported Bee's Dad, but I can certainly see where he was coming from. The only character I really hated was Drew as I felt like punching him once or twice towards the end. Well, every story needs one unlikeable character to hate. Sorry Drew, you're the punching bag. The snide remarks that ran through the text were a great addition to the storyline. There were some good twists in the plot that I wasn't expecting but I did like all the same. The conclusion was all kinds of adorable and the riddle was well planned. Oh, and kudos for having them hating each other at first. I hate 'love at first sight', doesn't really happen in the real world. Great job to Ellison for actually succeeding where many have tried and failed