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Scott Owen was born in July 1971 in the English fishing town of Grimsby, Lincolnshire. He spent his formative years abroad in the Bahamas, Greece and Dubai, where his father built a career in the oil industry.

He reluctantly returned to Grimsby when he was approaching his sixteenth birthday. Scott enrolled on a two year college course in refrigeration & air conditioning. His time at college turned out to be carefree and enjoyable. Once he had completed the course he was determined to start working rather than pursuing further education, and luckily he was offered a position with the industry’s largest company – Carrier, the inventor of air conditioning.

This position took him to Biggin Hill, Kent, where he struggled to make ends meet at times, but the experience was vital in making him independent. After three years of flogging a dead financial horse, he decided his only option was to return home.

Following 12 months of unemployment, he finally got a break selling cars for a local Peugeot dealer. Working with a mentor he was highly motivated and soon learned how to build successful relationships with customers, whilst providing a professional service. These attributes set him apart from his peers and he soon became the first person to sell 200 cars in his first year with the company.

The grass suddenly became greener for Scott with a newly built Renault dealership and he jumped ship, after a sudden rush of blood to the head. This decision was soon proved to be a poor one and after 5 months he was rescued by a friend, who ran a local refrigeration consultancy.

Scott joined Honeywell LCL in 1995 and spent the next five years working with ASDA stores on a number of new build and refurbishment projects. During this time, in 1996, Scott’s father passed away after a long illness and in 1999, Scott became a father to his first son.

After he was made redundant in 2000 he found himself at the mercy of the motor industry once more. This time it would take over the next eight years of his life – providing him with laughter, tears, delight, frustration, excitement, stress and huge satisfaction as well as enormous pressure. He always proved his worth to his employers (whilst standing his ground when necessary) and sold some of the biggest marques in the industry.

After an initial spell with Mazda & Mitsubishi, he moved onto Mercedes-Benz, during which time he became a father again to his second son, born in 2004. After a clash of personalities which brought him close to a breakdown, he moved to Volkswagen, then BMW and eventually back to Mercedes-Benz. The current state of the motor trade encouraged Scott to cut his losses and look for an alternative career.

Unfortunately his timing could not have been worse, or could it?

After sending hundreds of applications with little or no response he decided to accelerate his learning of business planning to create his own company. After several months of intense research and training courses, he learned the skills to develop a strategy that would secure his financial future.

At the same time Scott decided to fulfil his lifelong ambition to write a book. Using his knowledge and experience of the motor trade, he wrote “All Buyers Are Liars” to demonstrate the sales process used within the motor trade and advise other sales people and car buyers of a very successful sales structure.

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