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I'm a computer programmer and math geek for a living. I've shown symptoms of being a writer since second grade. I wrote my first Science Fiction novel in 1998 (Scarab). Insert a break to have two children -- one of each model.

Once they were in school, I started typing nights instead of TV. In 2010, I wrote an urban fantasy about a group of modern magicians, Foundation for the Lost. It captures the comraderie of a good gaming group. After getting some editing help from a few friends, I decided to share it with others.

Third came Jezebel, a reframing of a very old novella after thirteen years of practice. I made her a strong female character because so many of the people who contacted me like this aspect of my other stories.

In my upcoming two volume, sword and sorcery epic "the Temple of the Traveler", I experiment with building a world from the ground up. I have one primary rule -- even the bad guys are convinced they're the heroes of the story.

My goal is to find a detailed world and characters that I love, hoping that others will love them too. It's the best when they surprise me with what the do, or refuse to do.

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  • Plato's Gateway on Dec. 16, 2011
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    Fans of Star Trek Voyager will enjoy this adventure. Phillip had been training in the peacekeeper academy when he inherited custody of his special-needs brother. Changing careers to a transport pilot, he barely scraped by. When his scientist passengers stumble on an odd phenomenon, his brother has flashes of brilliance and Phillip has recurring dreams. Soon, the cause of this phenomenon threatens all humanity.