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Anna Grace
Latest book: Dirty Revenge - A Mind Control Fantasy.
Published April 1, 2024.
Hazel Grace
Latest book: My Brother's Dirty Touch - The Complete Series.
Published April 14, 2024. (5.00 from 1 review)

Smashwords book reviews by Scotty24

  • Shameless Voyeur - Ex-con Daddy Part 01 on June 01, 2021

    I've read Hazel Grace's writing before and can't wait to jump into this series. OMG, I loved this first book. I want more!
  • Ex-con Daddy - The Complete Series on June 03, 2021

    OMG, I gotta tell ya, the heat in this series is blinding! I loved how they ended up solving their emotional issues via talking, and I believe there's strong potential for a series two. But I am curious to discover if Tom finds out about Lindsay. Or if Savannah will tell her Mom about Curtis. TABOO!! INTOXICATING!! DELICIOUS!! Hazel Grace is now on my auto-buy list!!!!!!!!!
  • Daddy's Heart - The Complete Series on June 07, 2021

    I enjoyed this series so much. every steamy page. The shower scene and the movie scene were hot, hot, HOT!! Can't wait to read more lush erotica from Hazel Grace.
  • Daddy's Captive - The Complete Series on Oct. 03, 2021

    Another steamy daddy-daughter erotica series! Hazel Grace really treats us with these hot books. I scoop them up like candy whenever she releases one. Love this author's erotica!!
  • Daddy's Lessons - The Complete Series on Oct. 16, 2021

    Hazel Grace never fails to surprise me with her daddy-daughter stories. Now she's paired that with Dominance and submission. I love these hot, slow-burn stories and look forward to each new release. Like a kid in a candy store, I can't get enough. Keep 'em coming, please!
  • Daddy's Healing Touch - The Complete Series on Nov. 13, 2021

    Hazel Grace really knows her stuff when it comes to daddy-daughter kink stories. This bundle was so absurdly hot!! Can't wait to see what Hazel has in store for us next. The box sets are a great deal - get an entire evening of taboo, delicious entertainment. More, please!
  • Sister's Corruption - The Complete Series on Nov. 13, 2021

    Can every family problem be solved with hot, dirty, taboo sex? Yes, if it's a Hazel book. Two warring brothers are taking it out on their 19-year-old sister, but only in the most delicious ways. The sex is hot, the conflicts believable and can someone please bring me a guy like Levi? "I want to tame his man-whore ways," as Sebastian puts it. (God, I love these stories!!!)
  • Daddy's Love Boxset on Nov. 28, 2021

    This is a new author for me, and I just love her. The series is hot and getting hotter. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read more from Maya. Delicious! Taboo! Fantastic!
  • Humiliating the Queen Bee - A Mind Control Fantasy on Feb. 09, 2022

    Anna can definitely do dirty! Already spoiled with her Hazel Grace series, I didn't hesitate to give Anna Grace a try. This pen name is definitely dirtier and ironically, maybe even more taboo than her incest one, because the kinks she wrote, the intense scenes, the world she painted? I cannot get enough of! Give it a try if you're into edgier kinks.
  • Daddy's Good Girl - The Complete Series on June 06, 2022

    Hazel's back with a new daddy/daughter story. I've missed these!!! As usual, it was a super hot read, with a lot more sex than she used to write and a lot more taboo situations, very dirty and kinky. I wonder if she has a sequel planned, because I am curious to know if Archer mind-controlled his wife too, or just his daughter, Lexie. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Thanks, Hazel!!!!!
  • Family Sex Wars - The Complete Series on July 22, 2022

    Love these taboo little stories. I have this writer on auto-buy so I can scoop up these bundles. Such a good deal. Hot and sexy!
  • Daddy's Twin Sluts - The Complete Series on Dec. 01, 2022

    I've missed the way Hazel can put together a compelling plot and add the hottest sex scenes in one short erotica story. The premise seems straightforward: Daddy has to keep his rebel daughter under control, and she's a real handful for sure, but chapter one blows things out of the water with some shocking reveals. And of course, she then drowns them in so much spicy hot sex, I think I needed a cold shower right along with Erin and Erica.
  • Humiliating My Bitch Boss - A Mind Control Fantasy on March 03, 2023

    Wow, this is a new kink for me and I am loving it. Can't wait for this story to continue. Such delicious naughtiness...
  • Daddy's Pretty Little Wife - The Complete Series on Aug. 05, 2023

    This series is off-the-charts hot and steamy. Hazel Grace is my favorite erotica author!!!!
  • Father of the Bride - The Complete Series on Aug. 16, 2023

    A unique series with some twists and turns I didn't expect. Hazel Grace has done it again: written a hot, steamy series that is sure to please. Thanks, Hazel Grace!!!!
  • Degrading His Snobby Girlfriend - A V-Day Ravishment Story on Feb. 11, 2024

    Ooooh! Shades of Mean Girls. So happy to see one of my favorite writers back at it. Best erotica I've read!
  • Humbling the Depraved Slut - A V-Day Ravishment Story on Feb. 11, 2024

    Don't you just love it when the villain gets what's coming to her? Anna Grace knocked it out of the park with this one!
  • Daughter Rehabilitation - The Complete Series on Feb. 11, 2024

    Mind-control tropes are a favorite of mine, and Anna Grace does it so well. Thank you, Ms. Grace!!
  • Daddy's Sick Pleasures - The Complete Series on Feb. 18, 2024

    Wow, my favorite erotica writer, Hazel Grace, has done it again with this new naughty series. Daddy's little toy gets what's coming to her. How hot can you handle? Always a better deal to buy the series, too, since you'll save a lot.
  • His Toxic Daughter - The Complete Series on Feb. 20, 2024

    This one's a little different than Hazel's usual stories. The daughter is the one doing most of the seducing and enabling of the taboo in the relationship, while somehow still managing to not be dominant. She's a spoiled little brat, a broken person looking for comfort in giving someone else the reins. The erotic scenes happen on a background of toxic love, which makes the fictional pairing almost obsessive in their lust. Great read, as always.
  • Daddy's Freeuse Slut - The Complete Series on Feb. 25, 2024

    Another bratty daughter that almost seems too much for this daddy. There's a nice twist in part 3, which I won't spoil, and then part 4 has one of the sweetest endings Hazel has given any of her couples. It's surprisingly endearing, given what came before it.
  • Daddy's Little Pet - The Complete Series on Feb. 25, 2024

    It's been a while since Hazel's last mind control series, but this is a welcome throwback to how Daddy's Good Girl had made me feel last year. Another clueless daughter, another manipulative, dirty daddy, lots of kink; what's not to like? Steamy, indulgent and taboo.
  • Catfishing Daddy - The Complete Series on Feb. 25, 2024

    I liked the premise. I wish the daughter would've kept that mask on for longer, but maybe Hazel can revisit the catfishing theme in another series. This was a super spicy lesson in power play and I loved how the father took back control over his life and how incredibly filthy his punishments were.
  • Rough Daddies - Incest Bundle Volume 02 on March 02, 2024

    So many great stories in this collection, and it is so handy to have all of them in one file. Erotica at its finest...
  • Daddy Knocks Me up - The Complete Series on March 04, 2024

    The taboo Daddy stories just keep getting better and better, and the series bundles are a great deal. Reading enjoyment for hours on end. Love 'em...
  • Daddy's Mistress - The Complete Series on March 09, 2024

    Toxic love, douchebag father figure, power struggles, narcissist men, and all the complex, nuanced, sex Hazel can add to it. I may not always love the men in these stories, but each book makes me feel something.
  • Brotherly Lust - The Complete Series on March 09, 2024

    TSTL little sister, but hilarious nonetheless. Really good naïve bimbo scenario.
  • Rough Daddies - Incest Bundle Volume 03 on March 15, 2024

    Just got this bundle from Hazel Grace. I may have read some of these books before, but it's great to have them all in one file. Whatever you like, whether it's rough sex, mean daddies, or dubcon, there's something for everyone in this huge bundle!!!
  • Daddy's Bratty Slut - The Complete Series on April 06, 2024

    This series is so very erotic. Of course, that's what you want from your erotica, but these books are over-the-top steamy. If you like having a series to enjoy, you can't beat Hazel Grace stories. Something for everyone...
  • Big Brother's Pleasure Doll - The Complete Series on April 06, 2024

    Dark, definitely taboo story of incest. Hazel Grace has done it again. If you like brother/sister sexy books, you'll love this series. I couldn't put them down.
  • Rough Daddies - Incest Bundle Volume 05 on April 06, 2024

    Wow, this is a huge volume of every kind of kink you can imagine. Pick and choose what you want to read; it is all in there. Such a bargain!
  • Dirty Daddy - The Complete Series on April 14, 2024

    Don't be fooled by its sweet beginning, this series is darkly depraved and even a little shocking (those who have read part 3 know what I mean). This daddy might not have the foul mouth the others do, but he makes up for it in how perverted he is. (I am in book heaven with these depraved stories and can't get enough. Keep 'em coming Hazel Grace.)
  • My Brother's Dirty Touch - The Complete Series on April 18, 2024

    What a messed up situation! Another asshole male main lead, but we're all here for exactly that. Hazel delivers, as usual, and this time there's a voyeuristic element to it. They're both in the adult entertainment industry, him more willing than her, the spice is spicy and the ending is bittersweet, which is realistic. It's another toxic couple and if you're not into manipulation, lies, and blackmail all for the sake of sex in your evil characters, better pass on this series.
  • Rough Daddies - Incest Bundle Volume 01 on May 17, 2024

    So many Daddy stories in one huge file. You'll get your fill of loads of kinky stories in one place. Hazel Grace doesn't disappoint with this one. Love this writer's work!!!!