Sean Parker

Smashwords book reviews by Sean Parker

  • Lovers Lies and Lilies Part One on April 10, 2015

    Wow this is an excellent read exactly according to my taste. The theme of love, romance and hate is so entertaining in this book; I totally indulged myself into the story. I am so amazed that how the author beautifully describes so many sexual encounters in the story. The story touched my heart that how the leading character Sarah finds freedom for herself from physical and mental abuse and how it leads her to sexual enlightenment. Reading love, romantic and thrilling books is my favorite hobby but I have never read such a fascinating book ever. The life is full of challenges for women but If they fight with them they can make it become heaven so the Sarah did in this novel she found freedom from the threats of murder and abuse and gain her romantic and love life with her new partner. I love this book it was erotic and sexually stimulating till the end.
  • Joshua's Way on April 21, 2015

    There are many good writers who are underrated, and there are many good writers who are overrated. Ronald D. Walker belongs in the group that is overrated. I'm astounded that anyone who read this book could give it anything but 5 stars... This is most definitely NOT my usual type of reading material (I typically read thrillers, murder mysteries, and the occasional sci-fi); however, after having read I started reading in afternoon when I got home and barely put it down. Ended up finishing that night! The story just draws you in. Ending was a little predictable, but while reading I felt like I really was in that time. This is definitely a book I will read over and over. One of the best books of the year!!!!! 5 out of 5 stars! LOVED IT!
  • Mutual Transitions on May 04, 2015

    I really enjoyed reading this book. The story was nicely set with a lot of unexpected and interesting twists and turns that kept me very curious until the very end. I loved the characters in this book and they were very much alive. The writing style of the author is very engaging. The twists and turns had me on edge. This amazing book is more than what it seems. The things that make it interesting are lives in shambles, discoveries, betrayal and faithfulness, clemency and weddings. While reading, you literally feel as if you are the part of the story. The author takes you on a wonderful journey from the opening scene of chapter 1 until the end, leaving you dazed and craving more. You simply can’t resist reading it. It’s a must-have and a must-read book. Be sure to pick it up. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did!