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Smashwords book reviews by Seb50

  • Politically Panchatantraed - tawdry tales of politicians, bureaucrats and other animals on June 20, 2017

    A sharply aimed, masterful and cool use of tripping, alliterative humor to take down our corrupt politicians. In these two hilarious modern parables, Ajoy Alexander reinvents classic folk tale themes by first tapping into their native wisdom and then, using a satirical wit and a pointed mocking morality all his own, creates an enjoyable, revealing and razor sharp Panchatantra for the 21st century. Any story that has descriptions of such pyrotechnical finesse as ‘Metaphysical Mullgatawny’ and ‘nirvanic-orthopedics’ should tell you straightaway that you are in the hands of a writer who can be endlessly inventive with the wit he can bring to the English language, and constantly surprise you with his comic allegorical imagination and storytelling. Now, if only he will do to our bureaucrats what he has done to our politicians here – shamed them with laughter - we will be doubly grateful to him, and doubly laugh the pair of them off the world’s stage.