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  • Mop Jockeys and Fighter Pilots on July 06, 2011
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    Read this story to help out J.A and gosh was I blown away. I had heard her giggling about her mop jockey for the few days she was racing through the first draft and honestly, I thought she was finally cracking. ;) But when I read it, like I said as a favor to her, I read it in like 15 minutes and was crying by the end of the story. It wasn't sad -- at least not mostly -- but I was crying because it was truly beautiful. A work of art. This short is a MUST. You won't regret the $.99 you must pay to own it. In my opinion it should be more but $.99 is still an amazing price for this amazing story. And believe me, if you love this short you'll NEED (no not want, need) to buy all her other works and every one she puts out from now on.