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Sephen Jack - the Artist, the Author, the Beach Bum:
I started life as the son of a half-breed Cherokee from an Indian Reservation in Oklahoma, USA. I was a longhaired Southern California teenager during the 60's: Peace - Love - Party. Then the Vietnam War happened and I became a soldier in the U.S.Army. My military career ended when I received my 'Last Rites' from a U.S.Military Chaplin. Luckily for me, a young doctor beat life back into my body pulling me back from an out of body experience - returning to life as a Veteran. I can say that I have stood shoulder to shoulder with Heroes and walked alone in the midst of killers.
As an Artist, I have placed pen to paper, paint to canvas, captured images on film (photos, live action, and animation), and sculpted clay, metal, and sand.
As an Author, I have penned many stories throughout my life - true and fiction - only recently have I ventured to let others read my stories.
I am a World Traveler and Adventurer, I've circled the globe many times in the pursuit of the perfect place. I've surfed the waves off the coastline and seashores of many nations, swam the clear blue waters of the Red Sea, and piloted a plane high up in the wild blue yonder soaring like a bird over hot deserts and deep oceans. I've skied the snowy slopes from Mammoth Mountain, the Matterhorn, and Twin Peaks to mention a few. I crossed the Arabian Desert alone, (by jeep not camel). I explored deep into dark deserted gold mines in the Mojave Desert, and I have spelunked most of the caves of Southern, California. I scuba dove the Caribbean Reef off the coast of Honduras, the Bahamas and Mexico searching for sunken treasure. I para-sailed over a school of Hammerhead Sharks near Cancun (unintentionally). I explored the interior of a Mayan Pyramid in Chichen Itza, and scaled to the top of the Vihara Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa Buddhist Temple in West Java. I danced to wild music in Singapore and toured the Go-Go Bars of Soi Cowboy, Bangkok. During a dig in Tulum, I unearthed a buried Mayan Relic along with a small scorpion pinching my finger and striking my thumbnail again and again with its poisonous tail. I walked across the hot crust of a live Hawaiian Volcano just a few days before it erupted - the boiling steam rising from beneath the smoking crust melted the soles of my climbing shoes. I won a Regatta Sailing Competition off the coast of Paradise Island and drank Bahama Mommas during Hurricane Bertha. I have chased UFOs (but I've not caught one - yet). As a first responder, I helped pull survivors from the mud in the aftermath of the 2004 Sumatra Tsunami.
An Engineer by trade, I worked on NASA's Space Shuttle at Edwards Airforce Base. During construction I was a Project Engineer on the Nuclear Power Plant near Portland Oregon, a QC Engineer on the GeoThermal Power Plant on Gunung Salak, Java and the Chief Engineer on Coal-Fired Power Plant for the Batu Hijau - Gold Mine Project, Sumbawa, Indonesia. I also tended bar a few months in Rock Springs, Wyoming at night while I searched for The Hole in the Wall Gang's buried loot during the day.
Presently, I am a Beach Bum with a straw hat on my head, a flowered shirt on my back and Bermuda shorts on my butt, living at the edge of the Java Rain Forest and the coastline of the Indian Ocean.

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Roy McClane vs Four Ninja Assassins
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 6,910. Language: English. Published: October 13, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Adventure
Government Agents interview Roy McClane, a local country boy who visits town every Saturday to see a movie at Buford's Movie Theater. Four ninjas come to town on this particular Saturday to assassinate (name withheld). Due to circumstances beyond his control Roy is dragged into a confrontation with the four ninjas.

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