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Growing up, author C. Grant and his brother created stories about beings from fantastical worlds with extraordinary powers. For the two young boys running around the house was time traveling or hurtling at light speed across dimensions. Leaping the space between their twin beds they zoomed through intergalactic wormholes to planets in far off galaxies. Their made up stories were spontaneous and ongoing like a cosmic soap opera. Each tale transformed the reality of their modest New Orleans home into the setting of many thrilling adventures.

Boundless imagination and a belief that stories, whether written or sung inform and drive the principles of culture, prompted C. Grant to put pen to paper to craft compelling tales. His first published novel, Sons of Caasi: Battle For Time, launches a coming of age fantasy series for children, teens and young adults that marries chilling suspense to sweeping romance in a breathtaking, otherworldly adventure.

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