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  • Hekate's Passage: A Story of Sex and Rock'n'Roll, Part 1, Vol. 1 on Sep. 28, 2015

    What prompted me to check this book out was a remark from a friend. He said that considering my tastes in music I should like it. The other thing was that he told me that the authors actually gave away the book for free in exchange for an honest review. This helped me made up my mind - you don't just skip freebies ;) Well... now my opinion about the book. My friend was right. Hekate's Passage main male protagonists are my all time ever favourite heave metal band! How can I not like it? More than that, I share a crush for the two axe men of the band with the authors, so it was even easier to relate to Eleyne and put myself in her shoes... Adding to it the fact that I've heard some gossip about how naughty the two axes were when they were younger, this book seemed so spot on. Even if the authors just wrote about their fantasies. Love, love, love.
  • Hekate's Passage, a story of sex and rock'n'roll, part 2, vol 1 on Sep. 28, 2015

    As I already mentioned in my review of part 1 of Hekate's Passage, my favourite heavy metal band is featured there so it strongly influenced my opinion. Part 2 of this book is even hotter than the first installment. Reading it I often had the music of 'Julian Twist' on, glanced once in a while at their faces on my wall poster... It was so easy to imagine them in this kind of kinky erotic encounters, the way Eleyne and Yasmin described sex could only make me feel hotter for them. I seriously needed to masturbate every now and then. Again, I abso-fucking-lutely loved it.
  • Biting Desire or A surprise for 2 horny succubi on Sep. 28, 2015

    Wow! I agree about this short story being hotter than hell. I'd love it if it happened to me... Even thinking of being 'surprised' this way by the twin axes makes me hot and wet.
  • Drinking Your Love on Sep. 28, 2015

    This novella is really hot and naughty. While I may have a submissive streak and relish in the thought of being a tame pet for my lover, this idea of strong willed female vampires who just have their way with their prey touches a string. Having my way with Tony and Jom till they ask for mercy seems a really fantastic idea. Well, the only thing I miss here is the person of Jim. I wish he was still with the band. His replacement, Randy, is a hot guy, but I still miss Jim. Can't help it. What is a plus is the person of a drummer, Tom, who wasn't with the band yet in the timeline of Hekate's Passage (and Biting Desire) . Well... interesting approach to this tall, muscular man, lol. All this reading got me excited me up for the upcoming tour of the band. Perhaps I'll manage to get backstage and see if they still are as naughty as I once heard and as these two authors inagine.