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Smashwords book reviews by SgtSadler

  • Zombie Nights on July 02, 2010

    I do not normally write reviews, but this one prompted me. It climbed to the top so fast that I felt compelled to check it out, and I assumed anything with enough downloads to out-rank the Style Guide must have some broader appeal. If, like me, you are looking at this one simply because it is the most-downloaded book on Smashwords, don't bother. As near as I can tell, it is the most downloaded simply because it has the word "Zombie" in the title. The story doesn't stink quite as badly as a reanimated corpse, but it isn't very compelling. The formatting is poor, there are plenty of typographic errors, and it is far from the degree of imaginative writing I expected from such an apparently popular work. This story has earned a single star, because judging from the previous reviews a zero-star rating won't have any effect on the overall count.
  • We Don’t Plummet Out of the Sky Anymore on July 12, 2010

    When this book passed Eva Gale's The Seduction of Gabriel Stewart, I decided it was time to leave a nasty review. Gale's book is used as the example of a well-formatted book in the Smashwords Style Guide, so it gets a lot of views. But who was this guy? I'd never heard of him, and this appears to be his only story on Smashwords. It couldn't be any good. I just read it. Damn. Now I want one of those cars.