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  • Djinnx'd (The Tamar Black Saga #1) on April 19, 2010

    I intend to review the first four Tamar Black books all in one go - to save time Some time ago I discovered a little known author of fantasy books Nicola Rhodes. I bought her first book “Tamar Black – Djinnx’d” and thoroughly enjoyed it – so when it was released, I bought the next one “Reality Bites” and then the one after that “Tempus Fugitive” since the second book was well up to the standard of the first. I was not disappointed – these books are witty, light-hearted fun and very cleverly written and get better with every book – the plots more intricate, the characters more developed and interesting as their stories are carried on from book to book. Since I had read with great enjoyment the first three Tamar Black books and found the author talented, witty and original, I looked forward to reading the fourth book in the series (The Day Before Tomorrow) as you might expect. When I reached the last page I was seized with a great disappointment - disappointment that the book had finished that is. I wanted it to go on. I really was quite gutted for a minute there. And it struck me then. “Why is this woman not famous?” If talent like this can be overlooked and eclipsed by the likes of Twilight (to give one example of some absolutely egregious rubbish that is out there polluting young minds) then there is something wrong with the world. I daresay there are more examples of this imbalance out there – this just happens to be the one I know about. “The Day Before Tomorrow” was brilliant – nothing less. I had considered Ms Rhodes to be a talented writer, but I am now not so sure she isn’t a genius. When you read her work you are transported into her world - you can see the story unfold before your eyes as if on a movie screen. She never tries to show off her intelligence or how much she knows about her subject with long and tedious explanations – she just tells the story in the most captivating manner.
  • The Day Before Tomorrow (The Tamar Black Saga #4) on April 19, 2010

    I have begun my reviews with the latest rather than the first book in this series because I had already read the other books in print and will definitely be buying a print copy of this one too. Each book as well as the series as a whole is a sparkling satire on modern fantasy, exercising much wit at the expense of its common absurdities and yet it is affectionately and subtly done. It is also a “proper” fantasy set, well plotted and full of action and adventure. Not only do you laugh and smile and smirk at the nonsense, but you also feel and hope and fear for the characters. Whether you like comic fantasy or the more classic type – you will probably like this.