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Shane Moore grew up on a farm in rural Illinois. An only child that was six miles from his nearest peer, Shane often created wild tales of heroes and villains during his many trips into the deep woods that surrounded his rural home.

Shane was accelerated in his class and started his senior year of high school at age sixteen. After graduating and getting a waiver for his age, Shane joined the United States Navy to pay for college. He participated in campaigns; "Provide Hope" and "Secure Democracy" during the Yugoslavian civil war. Shane received several naval awards and citations and was one of the highest trained members of his ship.

After getting out of the service, Shane began college. Force to make the decision between tuition and rent, Shane lived in his car for two years while he attended school. Nearing graduation, he was hired by the Carlinville Police Department, beginning his multiple venue police career. Shane retired as a detective for the Gillespie Police Department after serving twelve years. His police career was quite notable with awards for bravery and with one life saving medal. He was named Officer of the Year in 2005.

Aside from being a police officer, Shane played twelve years of triple A semi pro football with the Central Illinois Cougars. Shane is the team's all-time tackle leader and holds the record for most special teams tackles in a season and the most tackles in a game. Shane received many awards including Defensive Player of the Year in 2005.

January 14th, 2008. Shane retired from his police career to be a professional novelist. His Abyss Walker series has spawned thirteen novels, and recently, several franchise writers.

In June of 2012 Shane launched "The Apocalypse of Enoch," his highly anticipated end of days thriller that mixes Hitchock with the Exorcism. With characters like Matt Hill (Ninja Turtles), Terry Naughton (Disney), and Peter Mayhew (Star Wars) written in the story as their literal selves, "The Apocalypse of Enoch" shot to his publisher's number one best seller. After a whirlwind tour and media blitz landing him on several TV interviews--including Saint Louis FOX 2 with April Simpson and Tim Ezell, Shane has secured permission of the Department of the Navy for the sequel "The Scourge of Enoch."

Shane has attended over 200 conventions as a guest across the nation and despite his rugged appearance, has earned the title "The Dorky Shane Moore." Of all the writers alive today, this is one you must not miss!

Shane resides in Central Illinois with his wife Tracy, and his son, Dakota.


White Wraith-Origins
White Wraith-The Lock of Requ 2013
White Wraith-Maelstrom Serpents 2014

Privateer-a Maiden Voyage-Roy C Booth TBA

The Wererat’s Tale-Of Rats and Men
The Wererat’sTale II-Ring of the Nonul
The Wererat's Tale III-Collar of Perdition"

The Abyss Walker series
The Plea of Apollisian
The Trial of Innocence
Death of Kings
Tides of Winter
Return of the Father

Swords and Plowshears-Patrick Tomlinson Aug 2014

Other Abyss Walker works
The Forge of Feasts-A Dwarven Cookbook 2013

Other works by Shane Moore
“I am Villain” I,hero magazine volume two.

"The Apocalypse of Enoch"


There are no Abyss Walker films to date, but keep your fingers crossed. I have some mild interest and some good friends in the business. However, I was credited in the SciFi Noir; “Yesterday was a Lie.” It’s an interesting film, and if you’re bored one afternoon, I recommend you watch it.

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Bitches, Please-A True Starbucks Story
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 1,810. Language: English. Published: September 2, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Flash fiction
It's just not Shane Moore's day. He's trying to pen the next greatest zombie novel when two fat hippie chics and three slutty valley girls seemed poised to thwart him at every turn. Will the Starbucks Employee save him, or is he doomed to suffer their man hating tirades? "Bitches,Please" is a true story.

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