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Smashwords book reviews by Shanna S

  • Breakfast In Bed on March 01, 2013

    I'm a fan of this author's poetry, which I highly recommend checking out if you haven't already, and I was excited to see he had written a fiction short story. I loved it! It was sexy and lovely and read like his poetry to me. I'm very much looking forward to anything else he writes.
  • I Would on March 03, 2013

    This is a wonderful poem that exactly conveys the feelings of longing, sadness, and hopefulness you have while being in a long-distance relationship. It was beautiful. I loved it. Highly recommend reading this.
  • From Where I Stand on March 23, 2013

    I'm not ordinarily a poetry reader but this collection by Robert Zimmermann has changed my mind and I'm actively looking for good poetry collections now. These poems are written with such raw emotion you can't help but get caught up in them. Since I read this I've read everything by this author I canvfind and I haven't been disappointed. I highly recommend reading this or anything else he writes.