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Smashwords book reviews by Shannon83

  • Huckleberry Finn on Jan. 29, 2015

    I watched the film as a kid, but they always say the book is better, and it was. Thanks for the read. :)
  • A Tale of Two Cities on Jan. 29, 2015

    Really like this book, translation was well done, and IMO didn't lose any of the depth and imagery of the original. The ending has got to be one of the best in literary history...but you'll have to read it yourself!
  • Listening on Jan. 29, 2015

    Good concept...listening, not enough of it being done in today's world. I am sure this will appeal to people all of faiths and backgrounds. Nice work.
  • The Liberator - part 2 on Jan. 29, 2015

    One of the best comic adaptions of the gospel that I have had the pleasure of reading, and artwork sublime.
  • The Liberator - part 1 on Jan. 29, 2015

    Ditto to what I said about part 2. Stunning. I might add, excellent for all ages.