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Shannon has been a writer for as long as she can remember. Her mother encouraged her to write away her nightmares and to capture her hopes and dreams on paper. Although she passed away when Shannon was only eleven, Shannon still writes for her. Her mother’s inspiring words to “write for yourself and edit for your reader” are always with her.

With her father and brother’s continued support, Shannon published her first book, November Snow, when she was only sixteen. Minutes Before Sunset, is her second, and she has written eight books in all. They are in various stages of preparing for publication.

She speaks Italian and is soon to graduate with a B.A. in English from the University of Kansas. She also has a growing list of fans who follow her insightful blogs at

Other Books from Shannon:
SECONDS BEFORE SUNRISE, Book 2 in the Timely Death series (Fall of 2013)
In this second book of the Timely Death series, Eric is forced to face his destiny without Jessica by his side. But Jessica’s new nightmares could be the key to Eric’s survival.

DEATH BEFORE A NEW DAY, Book 3 in the Timely Death series (Spring, 2014)
The masterful ending to the Time Death series, Death Before a New Day brings dramatic closure to the centuries-old conflict between the Dark and the Light.

Shannon’s first book, November Snow takes readers eighty years into the paranormal future to follow the struggle of a different kind of human for survival in a dangerous and unfriendly world. This book is available online at:

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