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Shawn Marie Mann is a geographer and freelance writer who lives in Central Pennsylvania with her family and two cats. She enjoys visiting PA's many wonderful amusement parks and other interesting places and writing about them on her websites. She also occasionally writes poetry and short fiction about the places she visits.

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  • The Bad, The Good and Two Fly Fishing Women, and a Life-Changing Day on a River on Sep. 09, 2012

    This story is entertaining as it explains what is going on in a teenage girls head as her life changes around her. The reason I was interested in the book was because of the fly fishing reference in the title. As a woman fly fisher I was interested to see how fishing fit into this story, especially with the female characters. What I found was though there were some specific references to fly fishing such as types of flies and casting strategies, you really could have put any sport or hobby in its place. I was disappointed that the fishing references weren't better woven into the story. They seemed like a stretch at times. My favorite character, as with another reviewer, was Vernon. He would be someone I'd want to read more about. All in all, a decent book.