Sheila Mary Taylor


Sheila Mary Taylor was born in Cape Town beneath the towering slopes of Table Mountain. She was trained as a ballet dancer but stopped dancing in her early twenties when she started moving around the world with her husband and living in exotic places.

Her plethora of unusual activities ─ jockey in Amateur Ladies’ races, a spell of acting and directing, editor of a dramatic society magazine, secretary to a diplomat, dancing in the Royal Albert Hall, roller skating in night-clubs, just to name a few ─ have all enriched and inspired her writing.

Pinpoint is her first crime thriller.

During her research Sheila was smuggled into an interview room at Strangeways Prison to witness a consultation with a murderer. She roamed the seedy streets of Manchester’s notorious downtown Moss Side district, masquerading as a social worker. She ventured into derelict buildings, walked along the tow-paths of deserted canals, wandered over the moors, took a ride in an ambulance and attended a course in self-protection given by a Black-belt karate expert. She even broke her leg, but not in the same way as her danger-defying main character Julia did.

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