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S.G.Lee was born and raised in London, Ontario. She is the mother of two grown daughters and happily married. She is an avid reader of mysteries and paranormal novels. Her favourite writers are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie,Kelley Armstrong and Charlaine Harris.Growing up she feasted on tales of family history, and other imaginative stories; as her family continued the long tradition of passing on stories orally. Those tales and more of her own are itching to be told so she has been putting pen to paper and fingers to computer to get them all down resulting in these novels with many more stories to come.


A Tiger's Heart Wrapped In a Player's Hide
Price: $4.00 USD. Words: 49,030. Language: English. Published: February 24, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Thriller & Suspense, Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
The Magik council under siege from an unknown enemy has Demetrious facing a battle from all corners. Sarah forced to take a backseat role in their relationship searches for enlightenment and family ties. She finds strength and courage ,that she didn't know she possessed to defeat the enemy.
Love's Labours Won
Price: $4.00 USD. Words: 74,900. Language: English. Published: October 7, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
(3.00 from 4 reviews)
Sarah is a young single woman in dire straits. Her rent is due, she was fired from her last job and she has no family to turn to. In desperation, she accepts the offer of a mysterious job interview. The job offers a magical world she never knew existed, but is it a trick to use her for evil purposes? As she explores her past to find her future, will Sarah face her greatest challenge yet?

Smashwords book reviews by S.G. Lee

  • By A Thread on July 25, 2011

    By A Thread by Marty Beaudet is a tour de force thriller of gripping action. This writer really knows how to research a story and give it accuracy. It begins with the seeds of terrorism. We start with a prisoner of Gitmo being released but blackmailed to work for the CIA with threats to his family. We see his wife who doesn’t have a clue where he has been; struggling to feed her children and translating for her country to feed her children and fight terrorism. Both are being manipulated by the very government they are so loyal to simply because of their native land. As we delve into the novel we get to know the main character Kevin a missionary of the Mormon Church posted in Germany. Kevin an innocent raised in the Mormon faith he has never been allowed to think of his own sexuality. He is confused and hiding from himself as who he really is goes against church doctrine. Kevin is approached by the CIA to spy on a terrorist suspect Jasim Shammari whom Kevin has met in his missionary duties. Kevin finds himself falling for the suspect and must choose either the suspect his country and religion. The story really take off from there as we find out the president has been killed and the vice president is dead. Who is really behind those acts of terrorism it seems in the novel that the seeds of terrorism are insidiously beginning to germinate in the youth and in desperate people’s lives that are blackmailed by unscrupulous people. However is the real culprit Al Quaida or is something more sinister at play? Does someone want to seize the power of the presidency of the United States for themselves? Could they have engineered all to size that power? Really nail biting suspense and heart-pounding chases as you turn the pages wondering what will happen next. I truly enjoyed this well-crafted story of intrigue. This author is a new favourite of mine and I look forward to anything else he might write. 5 stars out of five
  • Trevor's Song on March 30, 2012

    Trevor Wolff is the manager and bass player for Shapeshifter a heavy metal rock band on the cusp of stardom. Trevor leads a hedonistic life of a rock star, a woman in every bed having carved out a life for himself and his good friend Mitchell Voss as rock Gods. Trevor’s childhood was riddled with abuse and Mitchell’s family saved him so when Mitchell stops bed hopping and finds a woman to be monogamous with Trevor is thrown for a loop. He is jealous of Kerri aka Rusty and yet drawn to her at the same time. Mitchell has been his friend so long he doesn’t want to share with her. Trevor grapples with changing, growing up and with health concerns that test him. The reader gets to follow Trevor’s journey as the writer peels back the layers that Trevor hides. A truly engrossing story, that grips the reader and makes them want to read the sequel to this book King Trevor 41/2 stars out of five
  • King Trevor on March 31, 2012

    Review of King Trevor by Susan Helene Gottfried These characters were written with such care in ‘Trevor’s Song' that the reader began to identify with the characters and wanted to know more about them and King Trevor does not disappoint as it delves into Keri’s aka Rusty’s background. The sequel to Trevor’s Song is a continuation of the story of Trevor and his relationships with his bandmate and best friend Mitchell and his wife Kerri aka Rusty. Trevor is not acting himself (the hedonistic Rock God).He is still sounding like the self-centred man he likes to show to the world, but Mitchell can tell he is depressed as he struggles with his life altering loss. Trevor is feeling out of place with the Shapeshifters, as he is no longer able to play bass with them and prance around the stage while the band is on tour. Mitchell sees all of this and wants to carve out a place for him as King Trevor. Trevor would run the band and manage the tour schedules, fan sites and studio and offices for Shapeshifters appearing every once in a while as a surprise to the fans with the band, but that requires a studio nearby and offices. Mitchell approaches Uncle Nils who finds them a building the old Slaughterhouse. It needs to be renovated but to do so they need an architect .Uncle Nils lines up Steve Broadhurst the head of Steel City Skyscrapers as their architect. The only problem is his Kerri’s brother Steve whom she hasn’t seen in three or four years. Trevor senses a story hidden there in Keri’s past and being Trevor he wants to know it in the guise it can harm Mitchell. This gives Trevor something to think about besides his own situation and ultimately leads him to his new career as King Trevor. With biting wit and clever conversations the reader will truly enjoy this exceptionally written book. 5 ★★★★★ out of 5 ★★★★★
  • After Party on Oct. 07, 2013

    Diego Bonifacio is a powerful CEO of a software company, but underneath he’s still that little shy insecure poor boy from Miami. He’s been in love with Anne Geller, his companies marketing director for years, but worries that making a move will ruin their friendship. The characters are playful and the dialogue is fun to read. The romance slow building and fun to read finds the reader rooting for them to get together and when they do fireworks. A great short story read for those who love a good romance.
  • Liquid Courage on Oct. 28, 2013

    The rambling, fun, flirty way, the story unfolds amused this reader. I understand the way they met, flirted and all the simple attempts used to attract the object of her desire before she found her liquid courage. The story is a tender story of romance told with all the main character’s emotions raw and on view for the reader’s perusal. The only fault I can find with it is that we never know the main character’s or secondary character’s names. I would really have liked just a simple introduction to them, like her name or someone else saying to him so on so whatever name this is the main character’s name. I still however highly recommend this story for a fun, sexy romance read. 3*** stars out of 5*****