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HJ Stallard
Latest book: Blossomed.
Published August 13, 2023.
Alex Oreads
Latest book: Stags and Bucks: A Gay Incest Erotica.
Published November 28, 2023.
Penelope M
Latest book: Daddy's In Control #2.
Published September 16, 2023.
Kate M. Rivenhall
Latest book: The Eclipse Ritual: A Dark Cult Romance (Part 3 of 4).
Pre-release—available December 4, 2023.
Alex Darrow
Latest book: The Experiment: Mother and Son.
Pre-release—available January 22, 2024.
Luna Long
Latest book: Stolen by the Orc Clan.
Published November 24, 2023.
Lilith Leana
Latest book: Summoning Krampus.
Pre-release—available December 16, 2023.
Penny Dreadful
Latest book: The Witch's Cursed Brothers.
Published September 5, 2023.
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Smashwords book reviews by ShelseaBrooke

  • When Mom's Away... on March 18, 2018

    Marie James might just be my new favorite erotica author! I loved the relationship between the father and daughter in this story and I'm happy with how she tied up the story at the end. Some erotica stories don't have enough plot and sometimes there is too much plot, but this one seemed just right in this particular scenario. I can't wait to read more from this author!
  • The Seduction of Gracie on March 24, 2018

    I love the style of plotline MJ uses in this. The loving and innocent affectionate between daddy and daughter begins to progress and evolve, slowly in the beginning, then rapidly, into forbidden, intense lust and passion. It was well written with a good erotic buildup in the story, keeping you captivated and turned on the entire time! I'm ready for more from this author!
  • Cuddling Sleep Sex with His Daughter (A Smut Novella) on Nov. 21, 2020

    I love sleep sex stories like this where it begins with cuddling so innocently between a daddy and his little girl. Unexpected arousal creates taboo temptation too hard for even good daddies like this guy to resist taking advantage and test how far he can go before she wakes up. I love this author, she writes some of the best forbidden incest erotica out there.
  • Pegging Her Father for Revenge on March 14, 2021

    This book is my favorite so far in the Valentines Chocolate series. It’s got both brother and sister working together taking sweet revenge on their daddy dearest. I think this one would be a really good novella story if she chose to expand it too. Can’t wait for more in the series!
  • Spoiling Her with Incest Age Play (A Smut Novella) on June 08, 2021

    DeeDeeZee continues to be one of the best authors of mind control and incest themed stories. I’m a huge fan of biological daddy daughter and age play kinks so I was thrilled to read this new novella. I could not be more satisfied with the entire series! Loved it!
  • Testing the Waters: Watch on Aug. 04, 2021

    This is what incest erotica should be! This author is a great taboo mm incest author and I’ve enjoyed several of her previous stories but this one though… I’m in love with this new series after only reading the first part! I seriously can’t wait for the next and all the rest to experience the epic lustful sinful sexy journey between these two twin brothers. I need the next one yesterday! 5 stars!!
  • Twisted Together on Aug. 10, 2021

    This was sexy and thrilling. I loved the sweet and loving relationship between these two very different twin brothers, Cooper and Bennett, and I loved the forced and twisted relationship between The Stranger and Bennett. The unique dynamics in each of these relationships were steamy hot and spine tingly good. Odessa’s writing style is high quality, the words and the storyline flow fluidly and the plot is intriguing. After reading this one I’m definitely a fan of the author and will be sure to keep up to date on any future taboo works Odessa Hywell writes and publishes after I finish reading the others that are currently available from her.
  • Daddy's Little Helper on Jan. 22, 2022

    I’ve found myself a new top favorite author of MM taboo/incest. I loved the dubious consent and somnophilia element especially the couch scene. This one is so sweet yet still really hot and scandalous. Fantastic erotica writing from this author! I’m so ready for the next two stories in the series, I wish they were already released or at least it was closer to the date now but I’m sure the waiting will be worth it going by how great the writing and stories are in the first two books in this new series.
  • Milky Secret on Dec. 17, 2022

    I loved this! Sexy and sweet and vulgar uncle/niece dubcon relationship. I bet this author duo could really write a really good novel sized book in this genre. I can’t wait to read more from them! Hopefully they’ll publish a lot more stories. Definitely found a new favorite
  • Bred by Her Minotaur Brother on March 29, 2023

    This was intriguing and deliciously taboo. I only wish there had been more story. I absolutely loved the monster/brother/sister trope. This would make a fantastic novelette if it were expanded. I’ll be reading more from the author after reading this. I hope the author writes more monster/incest like this in the future.
  • Loving Daddy Series on April 03, 2023

    I love a good sexy daddy-daughter story like this series! I can’t wait to read more like this by the author!
  • Bi Intruder Ties Up Daddy and Violates Daughter & Son on April 27, 2023

    I love all of her MMF and MF stories but this is definitely by far my favorite of Joc Jax’s MMF series. The surprising twist was perfect!