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  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on June 26, 2012

    I loved this book. Frankly, it was addictive for me. I sacrificed a few good nights' sleep because I couldn't put it down. I loved the entire world & so many of the characters that Nicky Charles created in this book. There was emotions, depth, love, sex, greed, a journey that I enjoyed thoroughly! I fell in love with Kane. He was so honorable & good (& sexy!). I could relate to Elise very much. I don't know how I'd react in her situation. It was a tough hand she was dealt by life. I liked that she was strong & good, as well. I also liked her innocence. The bad "guy" was also great. Man, did I HATE her. Pure evil! I was sad when this book ended. Although I was thrilled that I could go right into the next book in the series. I highly recommend this book... especially for my fellow paranormal romance/suspense lovers. It was great.
  • The Keeping on June 26, 2012

    WoW! First, I loved The Mating. I didn't want it to end. Then I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed this sequel even more! It was really GREAT! Sadly, as I did with the 1st book, I became addicted & sacrificed way too much sleep to find out what would happen next! There should be warnings about the addictive qualities of this author's books. I fear I may suffer withdrawal when I finish this series! Thankfully, The Keeping had some of my favorite characters from the 1st book. I loved that. I get so attached when I read a great book that I don't want to let go of the characters & the world! I know it's not quite the same as getting to live each character's journey, but still, it's like getting to visit with old friends or family. In this book, you get to know (& love) the strong, funny & sexy Ryne. He's really great & easy to love. OK, I know the whole Alpha male/ domineering personality isn't for everyone. But I so enjoy them in my reading & they are totally appropriate for werewolf books! I also grew to love Melody. She was great with the comebacks, sweet, intelligent, tough and strong although feminine, petite & somewhat naive. The secondary characters were really great, too. I loved this small town & the whole feel of this book. I want to live in a place like that! The characters felt real to me. The dialog was great, often very witty & fun. The action/suspense got pretty intense. Man, Nicky Charles can write really EVIL & greedy bad guys. They were so powerful & intelligent. A scary combination! The story line became quite complex. I loved the intricacies of the plot. I'd think I knew where the story would lead & then surprises would come about. I was really impressed! Although, I didn't want this book to end, I am thrilled that there is another book to continue my journey in the world that Nicky Charles has created. Thank you, Nicky Charles! You have given me so MANY hours of enjoyment! I love escaping into the world(s) that you've created. I fall in love each time (& I also appreciate the lust, as well!)! Keep on writing & I promise to keep on reading!
  • Bonded on July 07, 2012

    Initially, I was surprised that the series didn't continue where the 3rd book left off. I was thrilled when a couple of names from the rest of the series were mentioned, showing that this book actually preceded the other 3, in terms of it's timeline. You could probably read this book as a stand alone or out of the order of the series. I really loved the characters & the story of Bonded. It was done in the great fashion of Nicky Charles. That means great, intense, emotional, deep & complex... as well as exciting. It got pretty intense. It's one of may favorite books. The way that the Lycan history was weaved through the story was very interesting. I loved the ethical issues & how prejudice was a major theme. The good guys were so good & the bad guys were SOOOO evil! I fall in love with your characters... even the secondary ones. Since I care so much about them, I want a nice, tidy happy ending with everything falling into place. So, I was NOT thrilled with the cliff hanger at the end! If you leave us with a cliff hanger, it's only fair to have the next book ready to pick up the pieces. Please, Nicky Charles, I beg of you to please give us another book to put things right. I'd be forever in your debt! The poor soul at the end of Bonded deserves his world to be put right.
  • Better Off Dead on June 03, 2013

    I've read & loved everything H.P. has written so I was thrilled to get this book. Initially, it took me a bit longer than expected to get into it. However, once I did, I was hooked. I never wanted it to end. H.P.'s imagination & sense of humor are legendary! I really enjoyed this book. It was a great, fun, wild ride. I even liked the irritating guardian angel by the end & he was a hard sell for me. I really liked Lily & even the bizarre premise of the book although I did find it frustrating. However, it was that yummy Scotsman that really got me hooked. I found him so interesting & was dying to see what he'd do & say next. A warm, soft heart buried deep in a tough, hard package. I can't wait until the next book in this series. I strongly recommend it!