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Shirley Blane lives in West Sussex but her soul is Cornish and she is longing to return there. She has been writing all her life, although this is her first full length novel. Divorced, she has a daughter living in Australia, who trains horses and has published her own book, Relaxation First: Horsemanship.

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Smashwords book reviews by Shirley Blane

  • Deadline on Sep. 17, 2011

    A Fast Paced Thriller - This author skillfully combines several sub-plots, weaving them together to paint a picture of the hectic, crime-filled life of the staff on a major daily newspaper. Alternating chapters keep one turning the pages, eager to find out what happens next to the key characters in this story. The author knows his stuff and it shows, whether his characters are investigating murder and corruption in Toronto, fighting over who gets the front page story or risking being blown up in Afghanistan. It is an excellent debut novel and one anticipates that his next one could be even better as J A Anderson really gets into his stride. Shirley Blane, author of The Widow's Revenge
  • The Living Image on Nov. 09, 2011

    This author skilfully blends science with plausible fiction to create an exciting and credible story. Waking up in a tanning saloon beside a living, breathing mirror image of herself, our heroine becomes involved in a dangerous fight. With the man who created her clone in hospital from a heart attack, only Sabrina can protect her newly formed twin from government agencies, foreign spies and greedy lawyers. All of them will stop at nothing, including murder, to catch and use this beautiful woman with a computer for a brain. In the wrong hands, she could be worth millions and they will kill to get her. As the relationship between Sabrina and her twin develop, they learn from each other and confuse all who meet them. Humour and suspense, love and passion, make this a story to remember. Having followed the two women as they fight the baddies and plot their escape, it would be great to read more about their subsequent lives. Pam Richter brings her characters alive, they are likeable and fun, even in adversity.