Shirley Hale


I’ve been writing for years, but only for my husband, family and friends. Most of my early writing was done in greeting cards which I drew and painted myself with a very personal message on the inside usually in the form of a poem.
Raising four children filled my life with much material for future writings. When my husband of 38 years passed away in 1998, I sank into a deep depression. At that time, we were raising two of our grandchildren, ages 11 and 12. Life was not easy, yet I continued to function in a semi-zombie state with the aid of medication. This was merely existing, not really living, and this continued until 2001, when I began to write ‘for me’.

I traded my pills for words. Once tapped, a flood of emotions came forth filling page after page, releasing these pent up feelings. This alone, allowed me to deal with them. . . to begin living again and to move on with my life, a life I‘d thought was over.


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