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Smashwords book reviews by Harry Moyes

  • A Grizzly Awakening on Sep. 15, 2015

    An excellent continuation of an interesting series. Loved it
  • Tempting Magic on Sep. 15, 2015

    Another fine addition to the series. Eagerly awaiting the next installment.
  • Releasing the Dragon on Sep. 15, 2015

    First of a series of at least four full novels. Interesting world building and engaging characters. Loved the whole series so far, there are teasers for at least two more books in the series in book four. Waiting for the next in the series...
  • Destined for Time on Sep. 15, 2015

    Interesting take on time paradoxes. A good yarn, well written. Cant wait foir the next in the series.
  • Wolf Rampant Trilogy on July 19, 2016

    Very competently written set of novels, with a few twists to the usual werewolf world building. A real pleasure to read. The spin off bloodling serial is also well plotted and confidently written. Waiting with interest for the new trilogy to make it out of Amazons walled garden. As the author clearly states this is not particularly spicy, but it is imaginative and entertaining. Shoka
  • Midnight Labyrinth on Nov. 09, 2017

    Another superb addition to the "Elemental" stories. Nice to see the whole set are available on Smashwords again, and the "Cambio Springs" set as well. All are superbly and thoughtfully written, a real joy to read. New "Cambio Springs" novel at the end of the month, and at least four more in the Elemental Legacy series. Cant wait....
  • The Devil and the Dancer on March 22, 2019

    Another nice addition to the "Elemental" canon. Set in New York while Tenzin and Ben are occupied with the events in "Blood Apprentice", It features cameo appearances by Giovanni and Beatrice, the main characters from the "Elemental Mysteries" sequence of books, the initial books in the series. The male protagonist Gavin Wallace we have met before, as the broker of the deal where Beatrice was traded to Giovanni's nemesis Lorenzo, in "This Same Earth", so he is *not* Beatrice's favorite person, especially as the female protagonist is Chloe Reardon, human and very much under the aegis of Giovanni and Bernice, not to mention Ben and Tenzin. Chloe first appears as a minor character in "Midnight Labyrinth", as vulnerable and abused. Her recovery and rising confidence are chronicled there and in the start of "Blood Apprentice". This novella however, does not explode into the violence that the situation threatens, but chronicles a growing relationship between a very patient Gavin, and a growing and flowering Chloe. It's an unashamed love story, and none the worse for that. Shoka
  • Night's Reckoning: An Elemental Legacy Novel on Nov. 27, 2019

    This is the third novel in Elizabeth Hunters "Elemental Legacy" series following the story of Ben Vecchio and Tenzin. This is the third story arc in the Elemental Series, and so far comprises three novellas and, as of this book, three full novels. The first arc of four books, "Elemental Mysteries" follows Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo over four novels. The second arc "Elemental World" follows four different couples, and continues filling in and extending the common back story from the "Elemental Mysteries". The "Elemental Legacy" series is set after the finale of the first two story arc's, and up to present, has comprised a series of adventures with Ben and Tenzin's recovering missing artifacts, set against a back story of the continuing and developing and evolving relationship between Ben, the still human nephew of Giovanni and Beatrice, and Tenzin, an ancient vampire sired to wind. This latest book is definitely darker, and more intense, with a much stronger involvement with the political background, continuing the original backstory of vampire politics that infused the first two arcs. Still a treasure hunt, but against a more momentous background. The whole "Elemental Series" over the three story arcs is superb but extensive, and though the author is careful to make each story self contained and accessible to a new reader, the sheer ingenuity of the stories will not become clear without more background. The next in the "Elemental Legacy" series is due in spring 2020, and another novella following one of the couples from the second story arc is due out before Christmas. So do not miss this slice of the story, but if you are not yet familiar with the world in which it is set, do yourself a favor and also get started on the "Elemental Series". The first arc is available on Smashwords as a boxed set. Harry