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Shrinit Badiyani (29th January 1990) is an MBA in Finance and a Commerce graduate from Mumbai University. Born and brought up in Mumbai, he comes from a business class family. He has a work experience of over 2 years with a Multinational bank.
Apart from his interests in the subject of theology & fiction, he likes watching movies and has a flair for writing movie reviews on his blog. He has participated in competitions relating to religious harmony and allied topics. He enjoys reading short stories and articles which are based on real-life events and also appreciates satires. He has more inclination towards stories and characters living in cities and believes in taking life positively and humorously even in difficult situations which is evident from his writings. He believes that writing is a tool to bring about a positive change in the mindset of people if conveyed in interesting story forms.
He has written two books published online namely, 'That Unique Power - A Magical conversation with the Almighty' which is a spiritual fiction and 'The Pact of Love - A Week full of Romance' which happens to be a Contemporary Romance.

Smashwords Interview

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Every day is a new day with a new hope. You never know when your life takes a turn, I get up to live that twist and then make changes in myself as a person out of it. They say 'Life is the biggest teacher' and I wish to be its best student.
What is your writing process?
My process starts with idea generation. A message which I want people to understand and use to improvise their life. One big difference my process probably has is that I decide how the story would end at first and then the rest of the story. I believe it justifies the effort I put into writing the rest of the part as that change in the end should be impactful.
For someone aspiring to write, I would say plan just the structure and build the situations while writing itself and not before, the spontaneous thoughts would be the most exciting part for you and interesting ones for your readers.
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