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Smashwords book reviews by Siav

  • The Tale of the Five Omnibus on Dec. 27, 2011

    I cannot reccomend this book enough: it has without question become my favourite of all time. I am much too young to have found this trilogy when it was originally published, and only heard of it recently. Hearing about a series involving an intricate pagan/wiccan-like religion, openly bisexual main characters, dragons, fire elementals, quests to save the world - I had my heart set on finding what was probably going to be a very old, second-hand copy of the first book. Instead I stumbled on this three-in-one ebook edition! Bought it, read it (I didn't leave the house for a week), adored it. The writing is so beautiful it makes you weep - Duane's metaphors, imagery, her character development and her magical system are all stunning! I loved the world she'd created. Everything from the politics to the interaction between people is wonderfully believable and incredibly well thought out. No detail is left unexplained and unexamined, and after years of reading more 'modern' fantasies that don't bother with worldbuilding, it was fantastic to read something that does. The characters deserve a special mention, because again, compared to the books I've spent the last few years reading, Duane's really stand out. They are _believable_. They're not always brave, or even always good or always confident. They have low, petty feelings and thoughts sometimes, and get scared, and doubt. They're not all powerful forever, and they don't always win. It's truly wonderful to see characters who could _actually_ walk straight off the page and into our world - though frankly, I'd much rather disappear into theirs! So, yes. I can't reccomend this book enough. While I wish someone involved with the editing would catch and correct the formatting errors/grammatical typos, it's not enough to shock you out of the exquisite writing. Everyone should read these books.