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Sifu Jay Kennedy is an American Indian born, in South Carolina to a family immersed in ancient Warrior culture. His grandfather was a war veteran and martial artist with his father carrying on the tradition as an expert of Aikido and Chinese Gung Fu. He began his training as a child, even before he could walk. With a headquarters in the Charleston South Carilina area Sifu Jay's experience in Martial Art spans nearly his entire life of forty one years. His instruction has been requested by many civilian organizations, law enforcement, and Military and his Instructors have worked with Special Operations Units, Government Law Enforcement Agencies and professional sports organizations such as the NFL. He has also spent over thirty years of his life studying the Arts of Filipino Kali, Jeet Kune Do (Jun Fan Gung Fu), and Muay Thai and in the 1990's he began to study the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It was through his father Samuel Kennedy and his first formal Gung Fu Sifu, James Pushia, that a passion for learning and improving was instilled into his mind at a very early age. Intense study of eastern philosophy, especially Buddhism and Yoga, transformed his life into a path of compassion instead of competition. His passion for learning continues to inspire the next generation of students and Instructors alike. Sifu Jay actively pursues training in many different Martial Arts and has trained with many famous instructors. He is listed on several World Archives and Wing Chun Databases Including ewingchun.com.

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I have been writing as far back as I can recall the ability to draw sounds onto paper. I am fascinated at the idea that sounds and mental imagery can be formed into symbols that resonate into the minds of those who may discover them. It is an amazing thing.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Well, it is a kind of memoir slash manuscript for the liberation of the mind and spirit. I am an American Indian that grew up at a time where it was better to pretend you were a different race in order to fit in. Secretly, I had cast aside religion and all such ideas when people around me were still saying "Jesus is coming back" and forcing a six year old to believe he would never experience life beyond adolescence because the Universe was ending. This helped to drive my belief in my self and the never ending pursuit of truth and excellence in life that did not depend on something outside of me. Interestingly enough, I became practically obsessed with religious and philosophical material and to date have consumed thousands of volumes from many traditions and authors. My years of training and teaching Martial Art brought me into contact with some great minds and expanded my library through the different Sciences. Neuroscience, physics, quantum mechanics, kinesiology, biology....You name it and I am infatuated. All of these influences have brought out a personal philosophy which has helped many of my friends and students and it is relayed, I hope, through this work.
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