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Smashwords book reviews by Abigail Knutson

  • The God of Mists and Shrouds on Feb. 21, 2012

    It's a finely crafted, historically detailed narrative filled with diverse characters and supernatural struggles. Keffler isn't afraid to draw her characters with bold strokes and she tackles conflicting worldviews with the same intensity that she crafts sentences about a young boy struggling to find his words. At times poetic, at times sweeping, the book balances a host of unique personalities, some more convincingly drawn than others. Intertwining plot lines, biblical allusions, and just enough foreshadowing reward an attentive reader with an informative and engaging read. An impressive work by a debut novelist, this book leaves Keffler's readers wondering where she will land in her next novel.
  • Drawn on Nov. 19, 2013

    It has been some time since I read a book I couldn't put down, but Keffler's hilarious dialogue, compact descriptions, and thrilling twists had me hooked. "Drawn" fits into the paranormal or speculative genre but serves as a model for what other Christian authors could achieve: main characters who are as enigmatic as they are endearing, as flawed as they are fascinating, and a story that is worth telling and comes by its truths authentically. Keffler's ability to elucidate spiritual realities organically allows readers to experience with Juliet the strangeness of a world that is far deeper and wilder than our eyes can always see. For the clarity and force of the writing as well as the paragraphs when I grimaced in remembered pain or simply laughed out loud, I congratulate the author.