Simone Reed


Simone Frances Reed’s name rings true in her life. Simone (being the female form of Simon) means, “One who hears or to be heard” and Frances means “Free”. So she freely shares her gift with others.

Being born in Greenwood, South Carolina and raised by her single mother she was always encouraged to follow her own path in life. Her creativity and imagination were encouraged to flow and grow. Her mother would make up songs to sing to her as an infant, and teach her the meaning of things throughout the day. This helped develop Simone’s understanding of words and their connection to one’s emotions. Everything has a meaning and words are just a symbol.

She has loved reading and writing from an early age and has devoured many books in her 29 years. The first series she fell in love with was “The Baby Sitter’s Club” and from there she moved on to “Sweet Valley High” until her aunt bought her “Anne of Green Gables” to which those books quickly became her favorite. She has since discovered Romance novels and loves Nora Roberts and all of her magical and Ireland themed books. But it was after reading Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Saga” that she decided to write her own books. Having always loved the written word and already written several poems (including one on the loss of her Grandmommy) she decided to write romance.

Simone has many creative talents and has also taught herself to sew, knit, crochet, draw and make jewelry. She still lives in South Carolina with her mother whom she loves dearly and credits for her being able to get this far in her creative life.

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