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  • Deadly Intent on Aug. 20, 2011

    “The girl laid her hand on the table, palm up. Madame Vorchka grasped the delicate fingers. Dark, vile images assaulted her. Cold evil wound itself around her spine. Blood, insatiable longing, dark laughter. She dropped the hand, pictured it dripping with gore for a moment.” I enjoyed Deadly Intent very much and it was really hard for me to put it down because you can so easily get caught up in the events of the town and it’s people. You always feel that you need to know what is going to happen to them. Deadly Intent is a story with emotionally driven characters that are very easy to relate too. You can’t help but feel for Jonathon and sympathize with his granddaughter Abbie as they both fight for what they hold dear. In the small idyllic town of Wood Park, California a mysterious virus is causing the ordinarily law abiding citizens to act out their most primal desires. Add to that an amnesiac stranger with a nasty criminal past and you have Deadly Intent by Laura Eno. The trouble in Wood Park begins with a torrential down pour accompanied by a lightening storm that wreaks havoc on the town and continues to do so even after the CDC arrives to “help” the town folk of Wood Park. Jonathon Brier, sheriff of Wood Park, is pushed to his breaking point while trying to figure out what is happening to friends and family. As you read, you can really feel Jonathon’s stress, sadness, and confusion while he tries to fix the problems in his town. The only contention I had was that Deadly Intent flipped between perspectives a lot and at times and it wasn’t always clear who’s point of view I was reading from. But other then that, Deadly Intent is a great read filled with all the trimmings that make Sci-fi such a wonderful genre to read!