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Mike Blodgett has penned his first novel, Room to Romp. Like many authors, Mike has chosen a pen name, W. D. Totten, Jr. for the Sinfully Thin Series. It is intended to help him write in the first, second and third person without relying on his notes, which got all wet. Jimmy, Mike’s best forever friend insisted on helping write this Auto Biography.
Mike was born and raised in Chicago, and now resides in the Twin Cities area.

Mike started writing in the public schools at an early age, and kept on writing for years and years but never crafted anything save materials for work assignments, speeches, submissions for government or business, explanations for the IRS or education-related materials. And the occasional but unpublished poem. But no literary fiction, not till now.

His High School writing instruction resembled that of the person who later became the UnaBomber. Sports and getting into super anaerobic condition could explain how Mike has enough lung capacity to take but few breaths when he talks. Just as one of his favorite minor characters – Lizzard - Mike can stay under water for a long time.

Perhaps like many of you, Mike got interested in what could be called “living history” when he touched hands with Ike in ’51. Mike also watched the McCarthy hearings on TV, listened to the Shadow on the radio, and attended high school for one year with Hillary. Mike and his best friend Jimmy joined the Teamsters at an early age as dues-paying members, caught publicity from the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and held a number of diverse jobs through high school, college and of course afterwards.

After WW II, Mike also visited Dachau when he was still in his early teens, and Hiroshima during a special program in college.

Mike’s favorite animals include turtles, loons, hawks and now prairie dogs. He is not afraid of the migrating giant carp, but would be afraid of bull sharks. A few of his best friends are lawyers and he has personally known some reporters and politicians.

Mike always looked up to his wrestling coaches, JFK, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., certain of his teachers who taught phonics, languages, history or biology, the College Chaplain and Mohammed Ali.

He grew up Republican but is now non-denominational.

Having been raised on Chicago water, could perhaps explain a lot.

Mike and Jimmy will spend their spare time working on the next novel in the Sinfully Thin Series.

Mike especially is hoping your own experiences growing up between WW II and now WW W is enough to make you want to read more.

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Room to Romp
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 106,250. Language: English. Published: October 15, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Historical
This Is Not a Tell All, Just a Tell Somebody By Boomers. Jimmy said, “This book better be about getting thin, or sex, or W getting his way, or what? Do we want to tell it like it really was growing up around Chicago? About all our jobs.” “Yes.” I said. “For sure some sex, lots of or what, the jobs and maybe a little too much W.”

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