Slavica Bogdanov


Author of over fifteen self-development books /
Professional Success Life Coach

Goal Setting - Time Management - Self Esteem
Working on each of the three fundamental pillars of your success to make sure you get rid of all your road blocks and achieve your full potential.

What is it to be a Visionary inspirational Leader:

-Being a thought leader

-Not afraid to fail and therefore always going forward

-Thinking ahead of the crowd for the benefit of all involved

-Inspiring and empowering others to follow their heart and dreams

-Being on the cutting edge of new discoveries and inventions that will help all living forms alike

-Developing ways and contributing to change the world for the best

Who is Slavica?

Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris, Slavica moved to Canada where she completed a Master’s Degree in History of Communications at the University of Montreal. She worked mostly in medias such as radio and print.

She has traveled a lot, mostly to Europe, Americas, and North Africa.

Savvy Business Entrepreneur

For 15 years, she helped businesses improved their sales and portfolio. Top sales person
at first, she quickly moved on to becoming a savvy business developer.

In 2006, she started investing in Real Estate and in a about 3 years, she moved from having a net worth of under $200,000 to a net worth well over $250,000.

That is also when she left the rat race and joined the elite of those who live financially free.

A ''goal getter''

She loves challenges and has put herself through more than one.

She walks the talk when she says that anything IS possible.

The list of all her ''been there and got the T-Shirt'' will be listed shortly

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Author and Public Speaker

Since she was a child, Slavica has had a passion for writing and officially started at the age of 15, writing French Poetry.

Speaking in public has been of a second nature as she had a love for the stage from a very young age.

As a performing dancer for Avala (the montreal Serbian Forlklore Group) for 15 years, she had the chance to meet with some political leaders.

She has moved thousands of people while a President of the Balkan Peace movement. She has done political speeches in many circumstances.

Mostly, she does conferences on inspiring and empowering people to live their dream life.

She is also a speaker for Top Speakers:

Slavica and her love for worthy causes

She also devoted time in non for profit organisation. She believes that being of service is her utter purpose in life. She wants to serve as many as possible in developing ways to have a better life.

In 1999, returning from France where she had spent 3 years, she created the Balkan Peace Movement with the intention to raise Canadian public awareness and to encourage governments in searching for peaceful solutions. She starts on her own but rapidly gathers 30 people, Soon, 20,000 people follow her belief in the main streets of Montreal to protest the bombing. Two months later, she was invited to sit in the Parliament in Ottawa and speak with Party opposition leaders. That gave her the absolute certainty that any human can achieve any goal with perseverance and determination.

For 3 years, in 2005, she is marketing manager in the Prince Edward County Chamber of Commerce in Ontario. She mostly worked to encourage funding for an animal sanctuary.

Also a painter

Her life was always oriented in wanting to inspire others and achieve goals that many thought impossible.In her spare time, she is a painter and you can see some of her work here

She will be featured with many others in New York`s Times Square on June 18, 2012:

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