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Slavica Bogdanov is a success life coach and artist that has published over 25 books, including 3 bestsellers, and whose expertise has helped thousands worldwide. She came to the United States with the intention to help as many people as possible live life to the fullest experiencing abundance, prosperity and riches in happiness, well- being and health.

Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris, Slavica comes from a European family of entrepreneurs who believed hard working was the way to success. She moved to Canada where she completed a Master’s Degree in History of Communications at the University of Montreal. She worked mostly in medias such as radio and print. She has traveled a lot, mostly to Europe, Americas, and North Africa. A serial entrepreneur, she has proven many times over that any dream is achievable with the proper method and she created her own formula for rapidly accessing any dream and making it real.

Slavica moved to Florida because of the ocean. She loves to paint in vivid colors representing the beauty of our surroundings and the positivity in her life. She also has a passion for sailing and sailboats. To her, they symbolize the freedom to follow the flow of the universe; the ability to chase your passion and purpose. Her art has been featured in expos in Montreal, Times Square in June 2012, and Art Fusion in Miami in 2014.

Slavica’s latest book, From Bankrupt to Wealthy, is the most comprehensive book written to date about achieving financial success no matter where you are financially. Slavica focuses on what she calls, “the three pillars:” self-esteem, goal setting, and time management. Her method and life are about ”everything is possible.” With her mantra for life, she works to inspire, motivate and empower as many as possible to live life to their full potential. She also encompasses the laws of attraction and prosperity, and developed her own method of commanding one’s brain to achieve success. She boasts a 90 percent success rate with her life coaching and has a guarantee that that anyone’s life can significantly and permanently improve within 30 days if her methods are utilized entirely.


Jack Canfield interviews Slavica Bogdanov
Interview with Jack Canfield on my latest book: Bankrupt to Wealthy


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L’objectif de ce livre est de vous offrir les outils nécessaires pour « rebrancher » cerveau en direction de la réussite.
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Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 15,870. Language: English. Published: March 13, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
The purpose of this book is for you to get the tools necessary to rewire your brain for success. Super highly successful people are no smarter than you are, they are just “programmed” for success. Most successful people have lived in poverty and endure hardships during their childhood years. Yet, they succeeded by re-wiring their brains for success.

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