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  • Chasing Paradise (Chasing Series #3) on July 21, 2013

    How pathetic... The author delayed the release at 4 times and still this is a sloppy poor excuse of a book, the first two books in the series were amazing(ya there were some errors but it was tolerable) this was a joke... So thrown together and weak, not to mention confusing! The first copy the author released was formatted incorrectly so you couldn't read half of the book as the first several words on line were cut off. The second one is missing chapters.... So it's just as confusing as having the words cut off. Those things aside and it's still terrible- it's clear the author rushed this, had no clear focus for a plot, strayed from the characters original developments, lost focus, and just gave up And threw something together just to get it over with.... What a disappointment. I was really looking forward to this book's release... Such a plague for the final installment of this series. I'm done with this author... Release dates constantly moved, formatting errors (not just this series... Torn as well.), half the books aren't available on iBooks, grammar error galore....