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  • Deeper Sleep, Richer Life. Sleep Doc's 200 Pearls for Females. on Dec. 31, 2012

    I love Dr. Patel's newest book Deeper Sleep, Richer Life for three reasons. #1 Dr. Patel recognizes that all women are full time workers and important community leaders whether they have a job outside the home or not! #2 The "pearls" in this book are well based in science and medical research but are also practical. They can be applied to real world situations by real people without requiring alot of expensive resources. #3 Dr. Patel understands that we can't always live up to the ideal of getting 8 1/2 hours of sleep every night of the week. Even if we know we should, we have lives and families and jobs and sometimes we just can't do it... So for the times when we need to cope with our temporary sleep deprivation he also offers sound advice on how to do just that. Look past the pink cover. This book is not fluff. It really will help you get the sleep you need and live the life you deserve!