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Smashwords book reviews by Smin

  • Saturation on Jan. 02, 2012

    An exploration of Jennifer's alcoholism, catastrophic marriage, jail, and attempts at recovery. This is good, meaty writing on an inherently attention keeping topic (for me, at least). She writes with a level of awareness and ability to communicate just what it feels like. And a dash of humour. I felt the ending a bit abrupt and it seemed to skip over the best bit - how she actually got onto the recovery road, and it was only after reading other reviews that I realised that there was no total recovery, but just a constantly shifting balance, where the accumulation of insights small and large try and outweigh the history of her drinking choices. My reservation is that she is very insistent that her situation was unique, that only she was aware of the real issues, that no one else had her triggers, that no one else drank like she did. And although she vocally insisted on her boundaries and right to be heard when others impinged (not without reason, it seems a constant battle to remind jaded institutional people that you are not just your addiction, but that a living, breathing, empathy and respect worthy person is standing in front of them), she seemed to dismiss everyone else - staff, fellow recoverers, family. It really brought home that there is only room enough for one in an addict's circle of concern. There is definitely clarity and insight to be had here though, and I hope she keeps nurturing and developing them.
  • The New Death and Others on April 14, 2012

    Some parts of this I found quite funny and laughed aloud. Sly digs and satire. But others didn't work so well for me - the entirely myth stories that had no sly digs were bland. It was unfortunate that the first three stories were of this sort - I probably would have stopped reading if it wasn't for reviewing it. But it did make me laugh and was good for dipping in and out of.