Smashwords book reviews by Cécile

  • A Reason to Stay on Dec. 09, 2022

    You know the saying “life happens while you’re busy making other plans”? That’s what A Reason to Stay is,and Lindsay has a beautiful way of showing us what that means for Maria and Drew. Having read A Second Chance at Beautiful,i knew what the story was….mostly. But i LOVE what she’s done with it,what she’s added,and the ARC was a joy to read! Maria may be young,she may still have a lot to learn,but she knows what she’s worth. And it’s not the boy trying to make a fool of her,and not her so-called friends that love the prank he’s trying to pull. But it might be the beautiful man,sitting further down the bar,minding his own business. So when he walks by her as he intends to leave,and starts a conversation with her,she knows he is…. That’s why,when he asks her to join him,she doesn’t need to think about her answer,and accepts the offer. And she knows she’s made the right decision when he then proceeds to give her a night to remember. In more ways than one…..because she ends up pregnant,with his twin sons! Trying to make ends meet is hard,though….and her parents are not really helping. Drew can’t get the girl he spent the night with out of his head. She had this spark,an unique way of embracing life and,when asked, admitted all she wanted was freedom. Freedom to choose whatever she’d like to do,with whoever she wanted to be with. So,when she called for help,he didn’t really have to think about his answer. He drove to where she lived,helped her pick up what she needed,and took her home. Living together was good for both,as well as the boys. Maria was feeling better,her boys were thriving,and Drew enjoyed having them in his home. He knew it was temporary,Maria said as much,but he started hoping…. Only,how to talk to her about those hopes,thát was the question. He was starting to fall for her,and their boys already had his heart. But if she shot him down,if she said no,he wasn’t sure how he’d deal with that… Maria felt better,living with Drew,and their boys were thriving. She enjoyed how he helped with everything,and she loved how he was with the kids. She’d said it was temporary,but what if she could find a way to stay? To still get her degree,but do it at an University close-by? Because she started to fall for him,and she could see how much he loved their boys. But what if he didn’t want her,what if they were just an obligation and nothing more? That would break her heart…. I loved how both accepted the consequences of that delicious night,and made the best of their decision. Maria never regretted the fact she ended up pregnant,and had to quit school for her boys. Drew only regretted the fact he didn’t know,and that she didn’t call straight away. They were good together,a real team,giving the boys a home,even before they both admitted how they felt. I only hated the fact that they were both afraid to talk….really talk…to eachother until it was nearly too late. But that’s also a part of what made this story beautiful,so i’m not complaining tóó much…..