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Smashwords book reviews by Smutty Sully

  • The Archivist on April 23, 2024

    Absolutely loved this debut book by Xavi Frey! This was a lot of fun!! Flirty, time traveling, con-man/thief and an archivist, a little bit of danger, it's all there. It's the first novella in a queer cyberpunk series and 100 pages. It felt new and familiar at the same time. An archivist, who used to be a research historian before timewalks became possible (time travel) is sent back in time to 1927 in Kansas City, to retrieve "tech" that was accidentally left behind. Interesting enough on its own, but add in a handsome rogue who may be helping for nefarious reasons, and I loved it. Had a slight X-files working for the man, but is it right or wrong, type feel. Not overly preachy, it didn't hit you over the head with politics, just different people coping with the future in completely different roles. Plus, the small flirty moments reminded me of CS Poe's Memento Mori series, where small jabs and tiny smiles are everything. Every time they ate ice cream I wondered what would change this time. It's not bogged down with technology stuff. The psychological and physical repercussions for the people sent back in time are only partially revealed, but it's still unknown, despite some of the obvious detrimental symptoms and some agents not returning from their walks. Malcolm (Mal), isn't a gung-ho patriotic governmental supporter, but he is curious and thinks gathering information is important. Archie, the blue-eyed thief Mal bumps into in Kansas City, he's still a mystery. Kissing someone to get into their pockets and try to steal the technology? The time travel was fun, and I cannot wait for the next installment in the series, titled The Rogue, told from Archie's perspective, to be released on the 21st of May, 2024! I love supporting new authors and highly recommend giving this one a shot.
  • Uncle on April 23, 2024

    So much filthy, dirty talk. I mean, filthy. Boy-pussy, gonna breed you good, who owns you. Uncle Dev is expressive. Ben is 6ft and built, has a stutter, and wants to get some action for once. Uncle Dev takes him to a glory hole, because of course he does. Nothing says ease into giving your first blowjob like a truck stop glory hole! But whose dick was that? Was that you Uncle Dev? 👀 I love how Uncle Dev forces Ben to talk through his stuttering, makes him beg, tells him he has to say it and ask for what he needs. Add in the fear of getting caught by Ben's mother (they are both living in the basement), Uncle Dev fingering him in the kitchen behind the counter while talking to Ben's mother, it's intense. For such a short story, there's quite a few things going on: fingering, using a screwdriver handle, handcuffs, intergluteal (butt cheeks like a cocksleeve), begging, praise, shoving cum into Ben's ass, plugging, spitting, marking, just the tip fail, and poor Ben is blushing through most of it. Highlights: • Shit! Did I say that out loud? Crap! I just hope I didn’t say anything about that horse-cock outline in his pants. • Am I really so desperate I’ll let my uncle set me up with a stranger so I can suck his cock? Blind cock! Is that even a thing? • Wait, what is that? “Whassat?” Is what comes out of my mouth. Devon huffs out a laugh. “Handle of a screwdriver. Only thing I had on hand.” “The fuck!” • “Fuck, yeah! That’s it, son. Squeeze that butt for me. Uncle Devon needs a cock-sleeve. Ungh!” • “Hello! Boys! Are you alright down there? I heard a shout.” • Do you want me to breed you, baby? • “Well, if you want it, you need to ask for it, son.” • Goddammit, I want what he describes so badly! And there’s no harm in just the tip, right? It’ll be quick and we’ll be quiet. No one will notice us gone, and I’ll finally get to feel him right there where I want him. • “When we fuck, you call me Uncle Devon, son. You hear? Now get up on the counter, spread your knees. Like that, yeah.”
  • Topped by My Father-in-law on April 23, 2024

    This was fun! Filled with dirty talk, dubcon, and Daddy dick. Part 1 of a 4-part series (Dub-con Daddies), 76 pages. New-to-me author, I bought all their books on Smashwords after reading Uncle, which was uncle/nephew incest at its finest: glory hole, dubcon, first time, handcuffs, just the tip, somnophilia, screwdriver handle as a dildo, breeding kink. This book has: father-in-law shaving the straight boy's groin, skinny-dipping, masturbating, filthy dirty talk, Daddy kink, huge dick - will it fit issues, butt-cheeks as a cocksleeve, shame and humiliation, 'boy-cunt' talk, prostate discovery on a boat, dubcon, first time, finger-fucking during a movie.
  • Trained by My Father-in-law on April 23, 2024

    Well, now that we know Shelley knows, what could possibly be the next plot twist? Don't worry, apparently a surprise twist at the end is North's style, and I am here for it! The way these are written is a perfect amount of sex, suspense, and surprises. Part 1 took place in North Carolina visiting Daddy, now Daddy's come to New York with a bag of tricks. These are addictive, I cannot wait until the next parts are released March 16! Part 1 was clearly a soft warmup to harsher D/s and discipline, laying down the law, and a lot of forced activities. 96 pages. Lots happening, again: praise, good boy, humiliation, crying/sobbing/begging, shame, blushing, dubcon piercings (nipples, Prince Albert, and guiche), under-the-table restaurant bj, cockwarming, butt plug, discipline, spanking, private sex party, shaved legs, douching tutorial, Daddy kink, 'boy-pussy/boy-cunt' language, lace 'manties', somnophilia, pain pleasure loop, filthy dirty talk, "tell me what you want"/"say it!", D/s, hold my dick while I piss, exhibitionism, everybody can come on my boy, prostate milking, slutty nurse costume (skirt and gogo boots), scary Daddy.
  • Owned by My Father-in-law on April 23, 2024

    This is the last part of the Dub-con Daddies series and it follows through with what it started - fucked up mindbreak. It has a HEA, if you consider mindbreak HEA's a thing, I do! There are two endings for this, a happy sunshine one, and then there's this one. This ending felt more realistic. Jacob doesn't escape, because why would he? Would this group of powerful and depraved people be that easy to penetrate and fool? I think not... I won't ruin the plot, but Jacob goes to the party and sits on a dildo chair waiting for Ty to come back, and Jacob's job is to get information from Sam. In the meantime, being on the dildo chair means he's available to anyone and everyone at the party. And guess who appears? Daddy Kent! Of course, he is there. Kent is the story. And honestly, Kent gets a little soft and romantic in this one, soft for him anyway. I enjoyed their HEA, Jacob and Kent were happy and that's all that matters. I liked who Jacob became and what he wanted.
  • Rescued from My Father-in-law on April 23, 2024

    The serial has four parts, but the author wrote two different endings. One ending is a classic HEA and with all the good stuff, the other is a mindbreak HEA that follows the noncon theme of the serial. I don't recommend reading both (neither does the author), but I did because I just have to see what all the options are! So, this is for everyone who wants to see Jacob get rescued and saved. If you struggled with what he went through, this version gives him everything he deserves. It spends a lot of time fleshing out the aftermath of being rescued and time with Ty. Ty is great! Ty and Jacob also get to have their version of kinky fun and it wasn't just glossed over, it was a fully detailed scene. I appreciated that and I did enjoy it. The story was changed enough midway to angle towards a reasonable HEA and it worked for the most part.