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  • Rights of Men Lost on Jan. 22, 2013
    (no rating)
    The language is stunted at an elementary level. I won't rate this because I didn't finish it; I couldn't, really. The book is composed of some poor, sad man's ramblings about his life. It needs an editor to focus the words and give them shape.
  • The Foxhole Court on Jan. 22, 2013

    Best free book I have seen on this website yet! Not a single typo! Over 50,000 words! That's probably enough to warrant a free book five stars as it is, BUT: The protagonist, Neil, is not a good guy. Maybe, under different circumstances he would be. He certainly doesn't think he is (I secretly kind of do, though). It's a little unnerving to read about this friendless boy who compares himself to his serial killing father and who was taught that loving someone will get him killed. You feel bad for him until he proves in his quiet, clever way that he doesn't need your sympathy. Neil is at war with who he thinks he should be, who he thinks he is, and who he wants to be. He will surprise you. Don't worry; while you're still wrapping your head around who "Neil" is, you'll be introduced to an equally lively and interesting cast, all on the fast-paced backdrop of a fictional game called Exy. On some levels the story is simple: play a game! make friends! But it's edged with sinister foreboding just under the surface. Because your new best friends may or may not include a very dangerous psychopath. And that game? Edgar Allen's Ravens are coming, and they play the dirtiest game imaginable. You may not come out alive. Did we forget the serial killing father? Because he certainly hasn't forgotten us. P.S. Exy is better than Quidditch.
  • The Raven King on July 14, 2013

    Yep. I loved this. Same great writing, same riveting plot, same fascinating characters. The Raven King unravels things a little further, and you get to see: more about the Foxes, more about the Ravens, and quite a little more about "Neil." You get to find more about every Fox's back story this time (except Allison, I think), which I really enjoyed. In particular, I loved the development of Neil's relationship with Wymack, Renee, Betsy, and, of course, of course: Andrew. This book has some very exciting moments in terms of plot, in which we really get to see Neil start to live life fully and unabashedly unafraid, but also happy. He starts to love again. It's bittersweet, considering his bleak future. His love story is so subtle, but so real, so, in it's own way, "sweet." Anyway, a great read, just like the first book. I highly recommend checking it out.