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  • The Phoenix Conspiracy on Aug. 15, 2012

    Bravo, The pages of this book seem to melt off at a staggering rate and if not for the scientific background, you could think it was an old style western. I must admit I am a page watcher, I need to know what page I am on at any given time. However this book kept me entertained and my eye off the page number. I could not go to bed at night, I did not watch the Olympics on tv or any baseball just because I had to find out how the hero Calvin Cross, his crew and his ultra sleek powerful space craft The Nighthawk got out of their latest scrap. So let’s talk about Lieutenant Commander Calvin Cross, I picture a strong handsome man who takes no bs from anyone and if the law gets in his way of the truth, he does what he needs to do and the hell with the rules. So with that being said, he is a deep flawed and haunted character, he is dealing with an addiction to drugs and he pains for a lost love he saw killed. Richard L. Sanders sets a pace and delivers at a staggering pace, that is simply one of the best works scientific fiction I have read in decades. Every scientific fiction fan in the universe needs to go to and get you a copy of this book, you will not regret it. Outstanding!!