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  • The Art of Loving on Feb. 26, 2012

    I really liked this story. It's charming and full of emotion. My heart broke for Kelly many times over. As an artist she needs to be able to tap into her emotions, but her hurt and shame over her parents has only led her to build barriers around her heart. She came across as very weak – both physically and emotionally. I would have liked to have seen more emotional growth from her; to see her go from timid wallflower to a woman who blossoms after finding love. Max was the polar opposite to Kelly – confident, brooding, a quick temper and never short of admirers. There's no kind way to say it, but he's a (sexy) jerk throughout the story. He makes assumptions and voices them, not realizing that every word and action cuts Kelly down a little bit more each time. There wasn't a dull or slow moment. It was fluid, and I felt immersed in Kelly's feelings as she was experiencing them. The ending took me a little by surprise but it was a beautiful conclusion to the story of this unlikely couple. This was my first story by Ms Carey, but I would definitely like to read more of her stories. It bears mentioning that this story is written in British English (any words that may be conceived as spelling/grammar mistakes actually aren't).
  • The Light Within Me (A Science Fiction / Fantasy Romance) on Sep. 22, 2012

    This was my first read by author Carly Fall, and with this first in a series, I am HOOKED! Ms Fall's delightfully wicked, cheeky and snarky narrative brings the six warriors and the heroine to life making them instantly likeable, loveable and leaves you feeling invested in them. You also get a feel for each individual personality which seems to fit their unique abilities and vice versa. The brief history of their origins, their home world SR44, was very detailed – their society and way of living, their forms, colors, sights and sounds. With all that knowledge, the warrior's desire to return home was palpable and understandable. There were some interesting twists that I suspected or even found a little predictable, but it was more fun seeing the characters taken by surprise. This story had a lot of suspense and a healthy dose of sizzling heat, but I enjoyed the sweet, romantic factor the most. The characters showed their vulnerabilities which made me feel invested in them.