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  • To Finish the Dance on Oct. 31, 2011

    I learned of this book through the GoodReads Clean Romance Fiction Group on FB. I like to explore new-to-me authors and this choice did not disappoint. The book is about a middle aged man and woman who were childhood sweeties and were on the brink of marriage when the unthinkable happened and they broke it off to go their separate ways. Twenty years later they are both still affected by this. The man's current girlfriend insists that he must bury the past before their relationship can continue. This sets off the movement in the story. He returns from the city to his small town roots to gain some closure. The story is told from both their perspectives and that of the minor characters. It also utilizes flashbacks so one can fill in all the back history between the two. In places, there is almost a journalistic aspect with the emails and the way time used to pace the end. This story has its soft tender moments, but can also wring out your heart for the h/h because of the plotting that includes some angst. I do not wish to offer up spoilers. The characters were deep and well written and the dialogue and silences were good. Recommend!
  • Blue Maneuver- The Extraterrestrial Security Program on April 16, 2012

    This is a good Sci-Fi/UF 'What if' story. What if the previous generations who came before us on earth were such an advanced civilization that they were able to travel to the stars and establish themselves on other worlds? What if some of those previous generations were at war with each other about how to handle government and colonization? What if an autocratic class-based society was set on taking over the mother world and there was a group hiding in plain sight on earth and in the stars determined to thwart them? In the middle of all this epic stuff, oblivious and ignorant, one unemployed daughter of hippies and government conspiracy freaks, stumbles into it all when she decided that she must turn over a new leaf. Rae decides she needs to get fit and find a job. Out at 0'dark thirty in the morning, she stumbles over a body from which blue firefly like things come out, chase her down, and burrow under her skin. Her trip and fall is witnessed by a park ranger. Later another trip and fall is witnessed by the new handsome latino looking guy, Victor, who has moved into her complex. She doesn't feel so good from the falls and finding the body so Rae groggily directs Victor to drop her off to feed Vivian's cat. No sooner does she enter Vivian's apartment then everything changes. She is captured by that innocent looking park ranger, informed that she is going to be killed for teaming up with the intergalactic bad guys, and then jolted out of her blissful ignorance of what all she has been missing. Her captor is in reality a military spec ops officer for the organization sworn to protect earth and he thinks she is working with Victor to bring it all down. The other big news that he gives her is the knowledge that those little blue fireflies that stung her earlier were actually some sort of ancient organisms that had bored into her body and were even now syncing up with her with the kicker that they contained hidden codes that every power in the galaxy was eager to get their hands on. Rae was now the hot item that everyone would be after. Tobias then gives her the option of working as his partner in the task of helping aliens and refugees adjust to settling on earth and thwarting the bad guys plans. I loved the plot line and how it is first person so the reader is learning along side Rae. It also leaves the other players in the story somewhat of a mystery which is good because there is always that element of who can she really trust. And that is the crux of the plot. Who to trust? Someone has infiltrated the United Earth Defense and what about Victor the mercenary? And what happened to cause that botched alien landing where the guy with all the stolen info got killed? Not being able to trust even their own people and being chased by the bad guys has Tobias and Rae on the run. Its all very exciting. The pacing was a little troubling a few times. I think I am like Rae in some ways in that I lost a little interest when we got to all the tech details. The book explains a great deal about the world building behind the story, the gadgets and gizmos, and what its like to interface with the CBs (little blue fireflies). I found that the pace bogged down a few times because of it. The scene in the hidden base when Rae must eat to build up her strength when using her CBs drains her goes on quite a long time about all the food she consumed. I would have been good with a brief explanation that she needed to feed and then a fade out to a pile of plates and glasses. I was also getting a little bugged by Rae's limited vocabulary of expletives. I think the amount of times 'crap on a cracker', 'praise Buddha' and 'Son of a monkey butt' occurred numbered in the high double digits. It was cute and fun at first, but not so much by the end of the book. The relationships in the story are interesting. There is instant attraction between Rae and Victor and he has this whole 'I've got to kill you and take the information, but I'll regret it a little' thing about him. Rae and Tobias start out very prickly. Here we have more of her limited vocabulary. She calls him 'douche' so many times that the man probably thinks its his name. Slowly through trial by fire, they grow into a good partnership. He still tries to protect her and boss her around, but she shows that she can contribute to their efforts. That leads me to the characters. Rae is the main character and she is well written. I liked how she is a pretty normal gal taken way out of her element. She's got a good steel backbone and even death threats only tick her off. Victor is enigmatic with his whole dark angel thing going on. He basically works for whoever pays him and has no moral compunctions even though he is not into senseless violence or hate. He even seems to have a thing for Rae. Tobias starts out as a straight as an arrow military guy. He is carrying around a boatload of guilt for the failure of his last mission when his weak partner got the whole team slaughtered. At first command tells him to eliminate Rae which he would have done (orders are orders), but then they make her his new partner. Later Tobias, starts to question orders and information that are coming down chain of command and refuses to follow through on the order to kill Rae when the alien arrival and landing mission is compromised. He is a strong leader and team player. Though he did not act on it, he too has a thing for Rae. As to the rest of the characters, they had fairly small roles with longer peeks at Tobias' team. The villain was truly sadistic and evil. Oh mama was I glad to see her get hers. The main threat is dealt with by the end of this story, but there are a few smaller threads that leave it open for a series. This book was enjoyable and I hope that the coming books only improve in pacing and action now that the world building is established. I'm pretty interested in seeing what happens next with Rae, Tobias, their team and new alien refugees, and the enigmatic Victor.
  • Between The Land And The Sea on April 19, 2012

    Even as I try to decide what I wish to say in my review, my head is full of the thoughts and emotions this story generated. I love the backdrop, the characters, and the plot. This is a YA fantasy novel about a girl who is sent to live with her father's sister when his work takes him to Afghanistan for a year. Reluctantly, she leaves the city life of San Francisco for the quiet coastal town of life with her aunt and cousin. Almost on arrival, inexplicable things begin to happen to Marina. She has an affinity for the sea and meets a mermaid who bares a striking resemblance to her. The meeting with Lorelai the mermaid is the catalyst of change even more than her move. Marina has to begin living two lives. There is her public life of settling in with her misfit relations and her new school and her secret life where the call of the mermaids grows stronger with each day. I loved the characters in Marina's story from her fabulous neighbor and friend cum fairy godmother who she calls Aunt Evie, her quirky high on life Aunt Abby, her cousin Cruz who dreams of designing fabulous clothes for the runway, Cruz's talented musician friend Megan, mysterious and wise Lue Khang, Ethan who has more to him than his looks and surfing talent, and the intriguing mermaid Lorelai. These are not cardboard, cookie cutter characters. Even the mean girl has a depth to her that was interesting to read. The plot kept my attention as it wove around Marina's adventures with new relationships and her first time living as a typical teen to her more clandestine adventures learning the secret of her other life as abilities and yearnings start to surface. I thought it wonderful that the author wove daily life experiences in with fantasy so that the story was balanced. I found the voice of the story fascinating with that underlying haunting bittersweet tone to it. Fun and laughter happen, but below the surface there is always that other feeling leading up to that inevitable climax of the story and the choice Marina must make. There was only one aspect of the story that bothered me, but not enough to ruin it. This was told from Marina's Point of View so as the reader I really got to know her. There were two aspects of her character that put me off: I found her annoying on a few occasions in the middle of the story. It's possible I was expecting too much based on what she was going through, but her repeated 'I gotta go it alone and keep my secrets' mentality in the face of empirical evidence that she was not doing so hot at that and always needed rescuing by Ethan and her friends irritated me. It also particularly irritated me because I didn't like that it was her willful thoughtless behavior including lying and breaking promises to everyone that caused trouble, but yet she was the one angry and hurt in feelings after they called her on this behavior. I know I'm being vague by not providing examples, but I didn't want to give spoilers. As I said, it wasn't bothersome enough to truly destroy my enjoyment of the story just a peeve of mine. I think this is a great book that I'll recommend to all who love a good YA fantasy and want a change of pace from the vamps, shifters, and angels.
  • The Moon And The Tide on April 19, 2012

    This was the second book in the series and must be read it order. The plot and characters continue to be well done. I particularly enjoy the little high school gang of friends. The book begins where the first one left off. The first third of the book was the set up section for what was to come. Marina sees her friends' talents finally recognized including a nice surprise in the form of Shayla who as become more of a friend after the events of the first book. Evie and Ethan meet like two titans and walk away suspicious of each other. Marina still has that overwhelming call from the sea and is trying to learn how to reconcile the two halves of herself. There is the new mysterious quality to Evie and foreshadowing of events going on beneath the surface. It was the part about Marina's inner angst and struggles in the first part of the book that just did not set well with me as a reader. I was not fond of her thought processing or her treatment of Ethan. She again is into sneaking and lying- putting herself into danger and manages to hurt others in the process. I was also not impressed with the way the father checked out of her life knowing what he knows. I love Dutch and Abby, but they too seemed content to be oblivious just trusting the kids to do right and stay out of trouble. Fortunately, there was the latter two-thirds of the book. Marina seems to really come into her own and be more of a girl that I could like when she must step up with heroic courage to face physical danger on all sides, what she thinks of as betrayal, a choice of love interest, and then must make decisions that affect her family and friends. Mer-girl Power! Yeah, about the last portions of the book- x-sigh-ting!!! I couldn't stop reading. Marina's made of stern stuff and I really love how Ethan steps up and supports her. He's a real treasure in that he will sacrifice his future plans if he has to just to be with Marina and he is capable of being supportive even when he understands or disagrees. He seems to be the only one capable of calling it like he sees it with her too which she really needs. Everything about Evie becomes clear though now Marina's situation just becomes more complicated. Then the threat of danger is still out there. Looking forward to the next segment!
  • His Destiny is Karma (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #2) on April 19, 2012

    I enjoyed reading this second book that is novella length in the Mysterious Lane series and had to laugh several times at the situation the hero got himself into. Though he starts out as a guy who seems to have no endearing qualities other than his friendship with Hank, Alex grows on one as he learns that he is not really what his rep as a 'horndog' is. It takes the appearance of a stunning woman who seems uninterested in what he has to offer to do it to him. This book references back to characters in the first one and there are spoilers so they should be read in order. If I had to compare this installment to the first book, I liked the first one better because I liked the way the h/h interacted and had a relationship to build on. This one came on a bit quicker in the pace of the romance than for which I was ready. It was a love at first sight story and that has its appeal too. This light Fantasy Romantic Comedy is a delight to read. The fantasy world of all species of supernaturals living among the humans, the well written characters, the humor, and even the romance are enjoyable for a nice escape.
  • The Seduction of Damian (The Gossip of Mysterious Lane #1) on April 19, 2012

    I won this book in a contest and I was not sure what to expect. It was so delightful. A Romantic Paranormal Comedy! Damian, a vampire, won the vote of a leading magazine amongst the supes as the most eligible bachelor. He thought he would like the attention, but discovered that he hates each new encounter. Only his best friend, Jo, a troll, can ease his tension. Damien is unaware of her deep feelings for him The plot was cute, the little world about Mysterious lane was fun, and the main characters were endearing. I laughed out loud several times and felt so sorry for Jo at times. Loved house the scenes are simple and everyday. My only complaint is that it was too short. I loved hanging out with Damian and Jo. Recommend for a nice light read.
  • I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier! on Oct. 15, 2012

    I kept seeing this book pop up in my recommends so I decided to give it a try. I loved it and it is definitely worth the read for those who love military romance. It was a unique read for me because it began at the very beginning of a soldier's career in boot camp and followed through many years of his life where he acquires friends and a lover as well as battle experience. It was realistic both in the military backdrop and how romance could build between two such men as a new recruit and his drill sergeant. The story is told in a late enough time frame so that Don't Ask Don't Tell is a thing of the past so the only barrier is work ethics when it comes to attraction. Most of the beginning is told from Ryan Gracen, the new recruit's point of view. His mental dialogue through much of his training experience was hilarious at times as was the trouble he and his posse got into. I found the camaraderie a really nice touch in the story. There are finally switches to Phillip 'Big Daddy' Grabowski's perspective which made an interesting clarification to how Ryan perceived things between the two of them. During the deployment periods, I thought the email segments were a nice touch so that pacing didn't drag in the story. Ryan has crushed on Phillip since boot camp and even long afterwards so it was amusing to read how he reacts when he learns that Phillip is newly placed not just on the same base, but in his unit. This is the point when the relationship building actually starts to take place and a military family starts to form with the other guys and Phillip's family which is needed to see them through the tough days of deployment and its aftermath. The epilogue was a nice touch and the irony had me bursting out with a laugh. Terrific story!
  • Bloodraven on Dec. 21, 2012

    I can't honestly put my finger on just one single reason for why I pick this book for my next read because it was several things: recommendation from fellow readers, the blurb, being in the mood for a darker story, love for fantasy? All the above most definitely. It was a wonderful reading journey for me drawing me in from the start and engaging the gamut of my emotions. I must add a caution though that for some this will be a difficult read. I am on the tender-hearted side so I admit to being squeamish about some scenes from the beginning of the book that involve non-consent/slave stuff and later there is one really horrific torture. It all fit within the context of the story and was told from the perspective of the fogged, crazed mind of the victim so wasn't as clear as it could have been, but it was definitely harder for me to read. The story like many high fantasies involves a few different people groups with human being just one of them. It opens with a fae-type forest dweller, Yhalen, who has accompanied his grandfather as part of delegation to meet with the other peoples of the south regarding the growing threat of the ogres coming down from the north. Yhalen and his two friends are not comfortable in cities so they wait outside the city in a nearby forest and that is when his young life changes irrevocably. Yhalen and his friends are attacked by ogres. His friends are killed, but Yhalen runs. He is captured when he comes back to check on his friends. The group of ogres keep him alive doing unspeakable things to him and then leave him to die. But though he is mostly dead, Yhalen's will to live and his affinity to the magic of the earth allow him to draw strength from the earth and he survives only to be kept captive and brought back to a larger group of ogres encamped in the vicinity. All this time, because there is a language barrier, Yhalen has no idea what is his fate. He is taken and given to a smaller ogre who has more human features. He can't help, but notice the oppressed human slaves working around the camp. He figures out that this is to be his fate. And it is to a certain extent, but Yhalen's task is not that of menial labor, but that of a sex slave because of his beautiful features unlike the humans from the north that he is amongst. One of the humans shares with him that his master is Bloodraven, a half-ogre and commander of this group, who is not as cruel as the others. Yhalen doesn't feel his luck until he witnesses a few examples of what the other ogres do and their vicious behavior. Yhalen is determined that he will not be broken like the rest and he will escape this nightmare. All the while, he is terrified of what consequences amongst his people, his own misuse of power when he healed himself in the forest will bring. Bloodraven is enamored with his new little human slave, but he is suspicious of why his personal enemy has given him such a wonderful gift. Ogres are not known for kindness or any other redeeming qualities to human way of thinking. They respect strength and they go for what they want and need with that being about it. Bloodraven soon discovers that his human is a great deal of trouble and is revealed to be much more than he seems. There is the temptation always to rid himself of the troublesome human, but something always stays his hand. And that weakness as the ogres think of it is what takes the half-ogre and his human slave on many adventures together with the biggest adventure of all that tentative thing that grows between them that they both fight not to feel. As I said, this plot gets a bit sticky with harshness, but there is just something about the word building, the characters, and the story line itself. At first, I thought the story would be entirely from Yhalen's point of view, but then I was delightfully surprised when it started switching back and forth with Bloodraven's perspective. The two come from utterly different worlds and ways of thinking. There is romance in this story, but it begins with brutal sex and only slowly becomes anything else. I love the spunk that both these heroes show when they face bald face realities. As a slave, Yhalen must adjust to his loss of freedom and what he can make of things. As a half-ogre, Bloodraven is despised by both races that make up his blood, but with the ogres he must always fight not to be worse than a slave and he earns his rank as war leader. I liked the fact that they learn to see something in each other when understanding starts to come. So it was a good, strong fantasy adventure with slow to build romance that will not appeal to everyone because of its darker nature.
  • Chasing Sam (Vegas Mates, Book 1) (Novella) on Feb. 20, 2013

    A werewolf shifter story? A hunt to the death? This book sounded appealing to me just from reading the blurb and I wasn't disappointed. I love encountering unique paranormal romance lore and Krystal Shannan delivered with this extraordinary take on the werewolf mate bond ritual. It was a dash of fated mate with a bit of something darker or more dangerous. An unwitting Samanatha Demakis returns home from school for the holidays only to be confronted by her noble werewolf family's time honored tradition of arranged mating for each female who attains the age of twenty-five. Sam wants nothing to do with the ritual, but her parents give her no choice. There is a ray of hope however in the form of Chase Michaels. Chase comes from a commoner werewolf family, but it is the fact that he is a rarity. Chase is Sam's mate. The weary soldier has come home for the holidays too and after all, but giving up hope he scents his fated mate in the airport. He wants his mate and will not let the archaic rituals of the nobility in the form of this mate hunt stop him from claiming Sam. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against him even before the hunt to the death even begins. The plot was tight and moved along well providing background, character development and action all in this short exciting read. I really liked Chase and found myself rooting hard for this handsome underdog and Sam was likeable too with how hard she fought for a chance at a true bonding and a life that wouldn't slowly smother her. The story ended quick with a few unanswered questions for me, but I assume this will be teased out in the other books in the series. It was a fantastic beginning to a new to me series. I recommend it to paranormal romance fans who either need or enjoy a shorter story that still packs a punch for both action and passion.
  • Tales From the SFR Brigade on Sep. 17, 2013

    Being a Sci-Fi Romance lover like I am, I was salivating for the opportunity to read a sampling of so many 'new to me' authors in the genre. Usually with a short story anthology it is a bit hit or miss and I was prepared for this contingency, but holy guacamole!!! They were all big hits with me and I will most assuredly be hunting down more of these author's efforts. As I started reading, I encountered the forward letter explaining the way this anthology came about. It's a nice little story of its own. A few authors of similar genre came together and that built to a huge network of them who now call themselves the Science Fiction Romance (SFR) Brigade. And some of these folk in turn have turned their talents toward this sampler. Another cool thing about the book is that after each story concludes there is a short piece about what inspired the story. I have a nosy nature and like to know stuff like that so I found the little extra bit along with the author's bio appealing. Okay, now that I've danced around the stories for a little while, let's get to it. There are eight stories that range in length from short shorts to a shorter novella. I do not plan to do full reviews on each story, but I'll give a few thoughts. Each story is a different facet to Sci-Fi Romance and it was fun getting something different with each tale. The first story, Imprint, is about a female thief and the Space Marshall who tracks her and brings her to justice. It was a nice romp that pitted the hero and heroine against each other in an enemies to lovers romance. Second story, Allure, is a military romance where a young couple has only one night before the man jumps on his rocket shuttle and heads off to war. This is one of the shortest stories that doesn't have much development time, yet is still rather engaging. Then Nobody's Present was an alien romance where a female scientist gets all her dreams of space travel and using her skills come true in a unique way. I was a bit confused about the alien backstory, but still enjoyed the main plot just fine. The other really short story was The Stranger. I really wished this one could have had more time to develop. It felt like I was jumping into the story right at the tale end. It was a really poignant piece for all that in that a female resistance fighting captain searches out the last remaining bonded humans who were separated in the war to get them off planet to a free planet where hopefully they can find their bondmate. She has never stopped looking for her long lost bond mate. Mission Nam Selon is a part of a series and was more novella length. I had no trouble reading this one as a standalone, but I really liked the characters and am dying to know their backstory in the full-length novel that introduced the series. It's an ongoing romance between a Captain in a freedom fighting group and a cyborg who defected from the Triad group who are trying to conquer everyone. They have to part for separate missions and there is worry over potential danger that does indeed come to fruition. Prime Sensations was a second chance romance when a captured woman who was made a slave suddenly comes face to face with the lover who left her behind to the enemy three years before. All was not what it seemed and now they can start over if she can learn to trust again. Envy's Revenge was a unique piece told in first person of a girl who is a survivor. The planet was ravaged by a horrible disease that took mostly the women and then it all degenerated into war and isolated city states vying for power. Life is hard and brutal and she just wants to remain free. Things change when a a mech hunter comes for her. The final entry was a western that could have been set in space, parallel earth or a future earth. Not sure, but its got the saloon, the gamblers, dance hall girls, bartender, gunslingers and the show down to prove it. So all in all, this was one of my best experiences with an anthology and I loved experiencing each unique piece that ranged in heat from sweet to spicy when it came to the romance. Sci-Fi Romance lovers should definitely pick this one up.
  • Slowly Unwrapped: A Very Short Christmas Story on Dec. 06, 2014

    It's more of an extra chapter or vignette follow-up to the Slow Hand story. It was funny, sweet and a nice little Christmas present to fans. This really only makes sense if it is read after Slow Hand. Not a standalone.
  • A Fine Stout Love and Other Stories on April 24, 2016

    As this is a short story collection, I've decided to do a series of mini reviews for each. I appreciated that the author included a foreward to explain how her collection works. She advises that the reader should definitely be already familiar with Jane Austen's original Pride & Prejudice story before tackling these shorties to get the most out of them. They appear to be arranged so that they match up with where the variation story begins it's deviation from canon, but don't really need to be read in that order. That said, I think I'll just take them in the order they were written. 'Words in the Wind' Loved it! A bit of magical realism maybe? Or maybe a wink toward old Gothic Romance stories? Lizzy finds little scraps of paper with bits of a message along the way for her annual pilgrimage to her grandfather's grave that lead to something truly special when she discovers the truth about two men both of whom her first impressions got wrong. 'A Fine Stout Love' I am not generally a fan of poetry, but the verses in this one that whimsically won over Darcy's heart made this a sweet and unique story. This alternate story of Darcy and Lizzy was more a sweet, humorous vignette. 'Neither Slumber Nor Sleep' I enjoyed this variation that took place late in the original story while Jane and the sisters are in London for wedding clothes and Lizzy pines for Darcy who has stayed away on a duty to his aunt. Definitely has some dream-like qualities to it. 'Gold, All Gold' Another with some magical realism, but this time it was difficult distinguishing reality and dream world and the end left me a bit confused because of the dreams within dreams maybe? Or not. I'm not sure. Still, loved the creative plot and seeing Darcy and Lizzy sharing her dream world. 'Eden Unashamed' Oh my! Darcy writes poetry to his betrothed and through a stranger series of circumstances, his intended is not the one to receive his passionate overtures. Definitely the best for last in this collection. I enjoyed the follow-up afterward where the author explains the origins of her stories. I'm always curious about that so I found it as engaging as one of the story. All in all, these were precious and full of gentle humor and sweet romance. There is an inspirational influence, but I think even those who don't read inspirational fiction would appreciate this collection. But the prime audience is most definitely the Austen lover. My thanks to the author and blog tour host for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
  • The Mission: He Taught Me to Hope Christmas Vignette (The Illustrated Edition) on June 05, 2016

    This follow up Christmas vignette to He Taught Me to Hope was a sweet, adorable holiday short. Ben and Georgiana set out to give Darcy and Lizzy a surprise family Christmas at Pemberley hoping for the magic of the season to work on the family bonding. Lizzy has her own surprise for Darcy. It was quick, but a nice sequel to the original story bringing together the full cast of characters.
  • Spanked on Sep. 14, 2016

    This is for that time when you want something that rushes straight to the heat with a mild build up of plot. Kinky Mail Order Bride set up- virgin bride open for anything and dominant groom who is into domestic discipline. A vixen threatens new brides chance at happiness. Definitely a good choice for when in the mood for quick and hot.
  • Fairfield Amish Romance: Katie's First Social on Sep. 14, 2016

    Ah, this was a sweet coming of age story. Loved it!
  • Shadowland on Dec. 18, 2016

    Engaging and exciting adventure for Pritkin, Cassie, Casanova, and Rosier in this follow-up novella to Family Affair in the Cassie Palmer series. One 'normal' day at the casino a bomb goes off setting a chain of events into motion sending Pritkin into the demon realm and the others scrambling to figure out how to change the course of history. This was fast-paced on the action with a few moments of that fans will appreciate when Pritkin thinks the worst has happened. Loved it and it just gave me a thirst for more from the series.
  • A Little More Modern Persuasion on April 07, 2018

    I recently finished Modern Persuasion and enjoyed it so I was thrilled that the author put together this Extras packet of short stories, alternate ending, and character descriptions. Naturally, my favorite was to get the short piece for two years after the ending of Modern Persuasion. There was also a short featuring Emma's sister Mary defending herself as a stay at home feminist, two 'stuck in an airport' shorts that bookend Emma's time of first leaving Freddy and then later when she shares a flight with him on tour, and finally was the alternate ending telling the sequence of events that would transpire if Emma and Freddy had their say while still in NYC before the book tour began. The character sketches gave me a few laughs, but it was also fun to further my acquaintance with little details about them. All in all, this was a nice collection for fans of the Modern Persuasion story.