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  • The Tempest Murders on Nov. 05, 2013

    The is the first book that I have read by p.m. terrell, though I have had my eye on her Black Swamp Mysteries for awhile now.This stand alone seemed like the perfect way to get a feel for her writing style before committing to the series. I am super glad that I did, and will be adding her other books to my TBR pile. This story opens January 7th, 1839 in Ireland. Rián Kelly has just arrived back home after a horrendous night of traveling through the elemental equivalent of the nine circles of Hell. Rián is a constable who has just returned from a trip to Dublin on business. Unfortunately, he arrives home to late to save his true love Cait from a killer. Chapter 2 brings us to roughly present day (2011) North Carolina and we meet Ryan O'Clery as he wakes from a dream of Rián and Cait. Ryan has had these dreams his entire life and Cait is as familiar to him as his own face reflected in Rián's. Ryan is a detective working a serial killer case. Little does he know how close upcoming events will mirror the dreams that haunt him every night. I do not consider this book a Time Travel novel. None of the characters travel back in time. Yes, the main character has dreams of what could be interpreted as a past life, but he doesn't actually go back in time. The two couples live parallel lifes, but to me this isn't the same as time travel. So if that is the only thing holding you back from picking up this book, just strike that excuse off of your list. ;) I really enjoyed this book even though it was told almost completely from Ryan's perspective. Or maybe because of it. It is rare for a romance to be from the male's pov. It lent and unexpected flavor to the story that was very unique and intriguing. I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads.