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  • The Keeping on Jan. 26, 2012

    First...Please ignore the negative review posted by Suzanne Fisher. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion but she is wrong. If you are looking for great material to read that will have you laughing out loud, talking to the characters, giving you wtf moments, and keep you glued to your nook, iphone, ipod, or any other device...then you have to read all four books in the Lycan Law seriers. Now Ms./Mrs. first need to get your facts straight...Mel wasn't a whore. Who did she sleep with other than the main male character. Question...why did you call Armand rude and inconsiderate? What did he do too Ryne. You need to get your facts straight. Apparently you have never read a pornographic story because these books do not come close. Every romance novel no matter what genre of fiction it was under, the female has done something stupid or idiotic at one point or another. Nicky's book are in the "FICTION" section. They are paranormal "FICTION". The whole point of "FICTION" is to use your imagination. This whole thing about weres not being able to transform instantly...have you heard of evolution? Why can't they magic their clothes on and off? If Edward can get Bella pregnant (especially since he is ice cold dead) or underworld can make a vampire/lycan hybrid (in the new movie she has a kid from the vamp/lycan hybrid), then Nicky can have her wolves magic their clothes on and off. Last, no romance novel is complete without a sex scene or two. You say you are not a prude but your review of her book as graphic says otherwise.