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  • A to Z Stories of Life and Death on Oct. 29, 2012

    WoW! I am lucky that I didn't miss this one-off journey.....I don't want to spill the beans and spoil another reader's first journey to a red carpeted yet bumpy zig-zag road .surprises wait at every have to be awake with all your senses and take along the sixth sense too to get into the skin of many of the stories. Couple of hours trek into vivid array of characters....these are heavy readings ...many are painful commentary on social issues ....but one thing amaze me ... the social and life issues that author D.Biswas so deftly laced inside the plot, say one for Singapore, or another for USA, yet another for a northern hill girl...the issues are at large in any country the reader belong to and hence would be at ease to identify the same ill in his society as well - difference will be in degree .Two suggestions - One.pictorial background will enhance the appeal and second.The hammering and the pain built up needed a couple of lighter readings in between, just like a movie needs its intermission....I am glad that I read A2Z. If you are an adult, you mustn't have to go far off can have a roller-coaster high-speed quickie .....