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My name is Spencer Avery. I'm a writer who loves doing what I do best: creating new worlds and writing about fictional girls falling in love with each other.

I've been actively writing since 2007, cutting my teeth with fanfiction and eventually moving on to writing original pieces, primarily for female-identified audiences ages 15 to 35.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I do actually. It was a story about me and a boy I liked in high school. In retrospect, it spoke to a lot of what was happening in my life: there was a lot of self harm, depression, and yearning to be accepted, all of which as a teenager, I was experiencing. I still have the original notebook and this past winter, read through it. It's wonderful to see how far I've grown in terms of writing, and self love.
What is your writing process?
I love, love, love to outline. I usually take a week with most of my length ideas and sit down and work on them: outline character names, locations, the plot, different races, gender, ect. It's one of the key things that really sets up the world for me and allows for me to start the process. After that, I draft, usually trying to write a minimum of two thousand words a night, and write until the story is told. If those two thousand words do it, then that's all I do, but if there's more I let it go until I know it's done.
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