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Spero Publishing is a new company,founded in 2010.

We are looking for illustrators. Spero currently has a backlog of books needing illustrations before they can be published. It is preferred that we work with artists who have a website whose address can be sent to the above g-mail address…but, if your work is really what we are looking for, we’ll take it on blocks cut from a cave wall.

At Spero Publishing we believe that there should be an easier way to get quality writing published. Pagan owned and operated, we enjoy publishing products that may be overlooked by larger companies or mainstream media.

Among an increasing number of other products, we currently are excited to be offering our "A Child's Eye View" series, where we offer easy to understand books on a variety of religions and other spiritual topics.

We are also enthusiastic about our new devotional series in which we help our readers better connect to Deities from around the world.

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